A Combination Between Dark Gray And Brass Details To Make Your Kitchen Be Luxurious Like European Style

Dark Gray And Brass Details For Kitchen
© Becki Owens

Roohome.com – Nowadays, many people have an huge desire to have an elegant view of their kitchen in apartment. They do not know how to make one space but can be divided into two parts. Becki Owens has brilliant design to make your kitchen more luxurious by combining dark grey and brass details like european style.

Becki Owens only focus how to design the kitchen look more enticing firstly. Having a small apartment does not render difficult her to divide one space becomes two parts. She begins with the kitchen room, take a look how she combines dark gray and an elegant brass details near the kitchen.

Dark Gray And Brass Detals Concept Like European Style
© Becki Owens

For kitchen cabinet, she chooses dark gray colour to adjust white colour on the wall. If you see, there are many glass cabinet with mirrored backing above the dark cabinet. Meanwhile the lines, she creates modern lines which are mixed with an incredible brass pulls details.

An Elegant Dark Gray And Brass Details
© Becki Owens

A luxurious brass details are match with dark gray, indeed. Like the picture above, an elegant faucet is placed to make the kitchen look like european style.

An Amazing Idea By Using Dark Gray And Brass Details
© Becki Owens

Notices the dining table near the kitchen. Becki picks dark wood table to combine with the cabinetry. To make the table more elegant like European, she puts a fancy flower onto the table. Look, she makes it amazing!

Across the kitchen, there is another part in the same space. For living room, she only focus to enlighten the room with bright shades which is combined with some furnitures.

An Unique Style Of Dark Gray And Brass Details
© Becki Owens

Becki Owens has shown her incredible design to create your kitchen more luxurious with a touch of dark gray and deluxe brass details for your kitchen. Go and try it now!