How to Make Money from Scrap Metal in Your House


Perhaps you think in your house you do not have any scrap metal. Do you know maybe your house is full of the most valuable things to scrap? Well, it’s good we find out what scrap metal is so you can trade them in. Your house and you might make money out of it. Scrap metal are those objects or machines which are damaged but despite their state they have valuable metals in them. Just recently, there has been a lot of demand for scrap metal from overseas and it’s a venture you can earn good cash. But how do you sell the scrap metal?

1. Find out the metal prices online

Here you will be able to find out the rates at which the scrap metal is being sold at in your area so that you don’t undervalue your scrap metal.

2. Contact several yards where to scrap metal for money

This will help you compare rates being offered by multiple yards so you can dispose your scrap metal to the yard that is offering to the highest rate.

3. Negotiate

Most scrap yards offer a room for negotiations. However, your bargaining power will be influenced by how well your scrap looks organized, the amount you have for sale or where you are a repeat customer.

4. Gather a large amount of scrap before you sell

It will be more profitable for you if you would tally for a while to accumulate enough scrape before selling. This is because most scrap yards pay well for large volumes of scrap metal.

5. Separate your scrap according to type

This will make most yards consider buying your scrap at good cash because you have already eased most of their work.

6. Keep the season in mind

Most people find it difficult to salvage in winter in areas where there is a cold climate and therefore selling your scrap in those areas in such a season would earn you more cash.

7. Find the means of transport for your scrap

Once you settle on where to sell your scrap metal, find the appropriate means of transporting the scrap to the yard. Once you settle all the requirements of the yard like measuring your scrap, and then get paid.

There are many things you can scrap for money around your house. Here are some examples:

1. Stainless steel sinks

In case you think of replacing your kitchen or bathroom stainless steel sinks, consider taking them to a scrap yard as they are a highly valued scrap that can give you good money .Remember to separate them with other scrap metals so that they are not undervalued during weighing.

2. Old broken cars

How much money can you get for scrapping a car as compared to other type of scrap metals? Among the many types of scrap metals that are sold, broken car scrap metal is probably the best source of scrap metal money. Scrap yards pay for scrap as per the weight and scrap car metal is so heavy so it will accrue good cash. Many parts of a car have very valuable metals. For instance, the alternator has a good amount of magnetized copper wire while the radiator contains aluminium. More interestingly, the catalyst converters contain some elements of platinum.

3. Broken tools

Most tools are a good source of steel and hence they can be sold at a decent price. For instance, the screwdriver, large springs; blades are all tools that can be sold for scrap.

4. Copper pipes

Most of the water pipes within your house are made of copper tubing. In case you are renovating your house water system, consider placing these pipes aside and sell them as scrap as they are one of the most highly valued scrap metals.

5. Aluminium pots and pans

Most often people keep on changing their kitchen cabinets to fit in the new models of the pots. In case you review your kitchen cabinets, aluminium pots are that are old and unusable can be sold to a scrap yard. They are placed in the category of dirty aluminium when they are taken to the scrap yard.

6. Ceiling fans

These ones once they break them only require you to remove the wooden blades and scrap them at the scrap yard. They are grouped at the electric motors pile. The valuable metal is the copper coil located inside that electric motor which contributes to a good weight hence scrap yards will pay well for it.

7. Power outlets

These are usually used for desks or TV stands and they can be reused as a copper bearing material. Well, they may not be too much money because you need a number of them in order to have a substantial weight but either way they can also help you get some extra money.

8. Laptops

It is a common item which is categorized as an electronic scrap. The most valuable element of a laptop is the battery. However, most scrap yards do not scrap electronics at all since the valuable metal in a laptop is very minimal. Therefore before taking any form of an electronic to a scrap yard, it is advisable to check with that scrap yard beforehand.