Do Whole House Water Filters Remove Calcium from Water?


Calcium is a significant contaminant for water hardness. In the range of 5 to 500  mg/I, calcium in water causes hardness in the water. Usually, calcium is added in water through well water. Calcium causes hardness in water. So, we need to consider whole house water softener instead to remove calcium from the water.

Do Whole House Water Filters Remove Calcium from water?

Whole House Water Filter uses a multi-stage filtering process, where at mid-level filters are used to make a better taste of water. These filters are work as water softeners. So at this point, yes, Whole House Water Filter removes calcium from the water.

Softner is used to make great taste while removing solid impurities from water. Generally, Well water, Municipal water, water that went through rocks, and provided in municipal sources is hard water in taste.

Another Option is Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. In the market, there are many Whole House Water Filters is available which uses a reverse osmosis technology in it. Reverse Osmosis will remove around 95% to 98% Calcium from water.

Let’s See Some Whole House Water Filter Product, which removes calcium.

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter

Rhino Whole House Water filter comes with Salt-Free Conditioner. It prevents minerals from binding and forming scale build-up. It works as a water softener.

Hard Water contains calcium and magnesium in high average, and these cause a higher concentration of multivalent cations Ca2+ and Mg2+. This concentration in water harms internal pipes, home appliances, and plumbing. And creates a Nuisance from water.

  • Aquasana water filter follows a six-stage filtration process.
  • Sediment Pre-filter removes solid impurities from water, dirt, rust, sediment, and silt.
  • Salt-free water conditioner, it works as a water softeners, it softens the hard water.
  • Copper Zink and Mineral Stone, It reduces Heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria from water.
  • Activated Carbon Filter, It removes pesticides and herbicides from water.
  • Post Filter, this is an optional filter, it removes organic particles and remaining sediments from water.
  • UV Filter, also it’s an optional filter, but it removes viruses, bacteria from water.

Whole House Sterling Water System

Sterling Whole House Water Filter is Certified with NSF/ANSI Standard.

Sterling Water System filters water through Sterling sediment pre-filters and Sterling Activated Carbon Filters. If you want to remove hardness, organic particles, and sediment from liquid, then you can add Poly Salt-Free Water Softener.

Poly Salt-free Water Softener removes particles of calcium and calcium carbonate. It does not include any chemicals in the water. Also, Removes dirt, sediments, silt, salt, and sand from water.

Activated Carbon and Sediment Filters remove particle over the size of 20 microns, and with this removal, the water flow will significantly increase.

Sterling Sediment filters remove solid sediment, so it prevents clogging in the activated carbon filter.

EPA laboratory gives a complement of best Whole House Filter for the reduction of contaminants from water.

Likewise, many Whole house water filter gives an option to add softener in the water filter system. The company offers a Water Softner to remove hardness from water.  Want to use filtered water for drinking, cleaning, bathing, then Whole House Water filter with Softener or Reverse Osmosis System is suitable.

If you want to remove calcium, mainly from water, then Water Softners are the best to choose. Otherwise, you can use an RO filter for calcium removal.