How to Find the Right Healing Stone for Yourself


Healing stones are used as an alternative treatment to heal a person by using the energies from different stones. For example, semi-precious stones such as opals, quartz or amethyst are used in this case. Some people prefer the energies from different stones to heal their bodies or find cures to the disease in which medical science failed to provide. Although medical science doesn’t believe in this myth that a gemstone can have healing powers, the avid followers of astronomy continue to believe in the magical powers possessed by these healing stones.

All living beings on earth have energies that are also described as information. This information or energy appears as vibrations (radiations). In this way, they can spread and affect. These crystals get absorbed and have a positive effect on the body, mind, and soul. Besides, the gemstones have different colors that also vibrate at a certain frequency. You can support the chakras, activate them, and release energetic blockages. Different gemstones have different meanings and different areas of application.

Does the Healing Stone Affect Your Body?

Only when you are ready to accept and understand that man not only has the physical body. He also has a corresponding aura that occupies the same place in the room.

Human life energies are prana and odic. These energies are available in a wide variety of variants and qualities. The human prana is the substance that invigorates our body.

The mediator between body and soul, without which we called a spirit would not be able to use our bodies. Some believe that they can see this “aura body” as a whitish transparent layer that goes slightly beyond the body. However, it is only part of the human aura which takes up color and space. There are also energy centers that are also called chakras, which have an extremely important function for people and their bodies. These energy centers supply the body with a wide variety of energies, which they exchange with one another using meridians.

The healing stones emit various positive radiations and thus ensure a much stronger energy flow of the body. From millions of years, these stones have existed and that has saved the intensity of nature.

In principle, healing stones work by dissolving blockages. They intensify energy in the body, just as the energy centers transform universal energy into different kinds. Healing stones have a strengthening or debilitating effect on different energies. This is exactly where the healing stone deserves its name “healing stone”.

Healing Stones and Zodiac Signs

Using simple astrological tables, you should find the right stone for yourself. After there are twelve zodiac signs. It would mean that you would only need twelve different healing therapies, but it is not that simple. You can gift a stone to someone for best wishes. If you want to get amazing stones, Crystal Karma By Trina is recommended for you.

There are many different types of healing stones. There are also great differences in texture and appearance within a variety. Sometimes, it depends on the sign of the zodiac.

History of the Healing Stones

The ancient Chinese knew thousands of years ago to use acupuncture to remove energy blocks by diversion. We are healthy when the unity of body, soul, and spirit is undisturbed. If the flow of energy in our organism is disturbed, sooner or later you would fall sick. If you want to learn about the history of crystal stones, you can follow this guide.

Illness and sickness can happen because our defenses are weakened by a lack of energy flow. Then the omnipresent pathogens in the organism can trigger diseases. The viruses and bacteria are the triggers for the symptoms, which can cause illness.

However, a body cannot avoid not all negative influences and there are occasional disturbances in the energy flow. This flow manifests itself as a disease. Most disorders can be resolved with healing stones. Some stones support exactly this spiritual process. These are the different crystal forms of rock crystal.

Rock Crystal Varieties

The rock crystal has different varieties. These include:

1. Selenite

Selenite is buried under the Sierra de Naica in Chihuahua, Mexico – the Cave of the Crystals houses is the largest crystals on the planet. They are 11 meters long and one meter wide, intersecting in the underground cavern.

Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz says “There is no place on the planet where the mineral world reveals itself with such beauty, “. He is a geologist at the University Of Granada, Spain, who has studied crystals.

In 2007 Garcia-Ruiz and his team deciphered how crystals could grow to an extended level. Approximately 25 million years ago, a volcanic activity held in the Naica mine. That magma filled the cave with hot water that was rich in anhydrite. This is a mineral that remains solid above 58 °C. As the magma cooled below, the anhydrite dissolved in the water.

Very slowly, for more than thousands of years, chemical components became plaster, which can take the form of crystals. Those big plaster crystals are known as selenite.

2. Iceland Sword

The Icelandic stories of the 10th century recounted the trips of the Vikings. This describes as a mysterious “solar stone” that sailors used to find the sun and to navigate on cloudy days.

For centuries the identity of the stone was a mystery for researchers. Until in 2011, some researchers found an Icelandic sword aboard a sunken Elizabethan ship in 1592.

It is a variety of transparent calcite that is common in the Nordic regions that separate the light and produces a double image. That property is called birefringence. It is caused by inconsistencies in the solidity of forces that grip the atoms of crystal together. It is divided into two rays when light passes through the calcite crystals. The abnormality in the crystal structure causes them to deviate differently producing double refraction.

3. The Puller Crystal

The puller crystal emits excess energy. It is suitable for meditation, relieves tension, and gives vitality. It also improves perception.

4. The Double End

The Doppelender promotes communication, improves understanding, and makes people better remember dreams. It also ensures mental clarity and better contact with other people.

5. The Quartz Thread

Fadenquarz helps to dissolve conflict and connect opposites. It is also helpful when dealing with experiences.

6. The Generator Crystal

The generator crystal helps to establish a firm position and promotes communication.

7. The Harmony Crystal

The harmony crystal lets its wearer learn from experience, resolve conflicts more easily, and overcome fatalities.

8. The Laser Crystal

The laser crystal helps to concentrate on own strengths and thoughts on a specific goal.

9. The Needle Quartz

The needle quartz strengthens the mind, brings memories and feelings in motion, and inspires the imagination.

10. The Phantom Quartz

A variety of properties are attributed to the phantom quartz. It emits energy to enhance the courage, willpower, and perseverance in putting off bad habits or addictions. It improves perception, concentration, and thinking skills. It also protects against bad influences and helps to cope with past experiences. It also helps to overcome boundaries and releases blockages.

11. The Tabular Crystal

The tabular crystal is intended to broaden the intellectual horizon. It also opens the eyes to pay attention to important things and helps its wearer is considered prestigious in the community.

12. The Transmitter Crystal

The transmitter crystal improves perception. It also provides clarification and clears the conscience.


A crystal is a solid body with a geometrically regular shape. These crystals were formed when the earth was created and have continued to transform as the planet had changed. The crystals are the Earth’s DNA, they are miniature stones that contain the development of our planet over millions of years. We are all attracted to diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires they are precious stones. Semiprecious stones such as carnelian, tiger’s eye, white quartz, and lapis lazuli are also highly demanded since they have been used as ornaments. They are symbols of power for thousands of years. Hopefully, with the help of the above information about the various healing stones, you can certainly find the right one for yourself.