Tips to Avoid Damage From A Midnight Power Outage at Home


Electrical disruptions are very common and scary at the same time. A minor fluctuation in the wires can cost you heaps of money. Usually, outages happen because of thunderstorms and heavy winds. They cause disturbances in the wires. On the same hand, voltage fluctuations are the worst. It can damage all sorts of electrical appliances.

You must have heard of people complaining about how their microwave broke because of a power outage. Hence, it is imperative that you find ways to fight back this problem to avoid any sort of damage or loss. If you are wondering how that would be possible, here are some tips to prevent damage from a midnight power outage.

1. Invest in a Generator

A power outage during the hot summer days at midnight is the worst thing that can happen. However, it is not in your hands, so it is better to hunt for ways to deal with it. Honestly, going on a candle search at midnight when you are half asleep is quite difficult. On the same hand, sleeping without an air conditioner is challenging at the same time.

This is the time when a generator can come to your rescue. Usually, generators offer automatic plugs, meaning, the generator would switch on automatically when the power goes down. Similarly, it would shut automatically when the power is back. Hence, everything goes undisrupted; all the electronic appliances run smoothly, avoiding any damage while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

However, the automatic one might cost an arm if you do not have a huge budget. With standard generators, you have to learn some rules by reaching out to an electrician in northern beaches. You have to turn it on yourself and switch it off yourself too. Remember, to turn off the main electricity supply of your house or else it can blast all the electronic appliances.

2. Unplug the Appliances

Many people have a habit of leaving things as it is before they go off to sleep. After all, everyone likes to head straight to the bed after a hectic day at work. Well, you need to alter your lifestyle a bit to avoid any potential damage. You just need to make a habit of taking the tour of your entire house, assuring everything is unplugged.

Usually, the straighter is plugged in; the microwave is turned on, the water dispenser is working. Well, you need to unplug everything, excluding the fridge and freezer. However, if there are any weather updates regarding a thunderstorm or heavy rain showers, then consider switching off the fridge and freezer too. Power outages are very common during this time.

3. Keep an Emergency Kit Ready

Life is very unpredictable; you have no idea what happens next. Similarly, power outages do not happen after informing you, it just happens by chance, all of a sudden. Therefore, you have to be prepared for it. Honestly, creating an emergency kit can be the best thing you can do. It would consist of all the supplies needed during a power breakdown.

Well, to list down the things – you have to keep a couple of flashlights, some disposable food, power bank to charge your phone, and first aid kit. You can also keep a radio along to get the hang of weather updates because if the power outage is because of a storm, no cellular networks will work. Also, try putting some candles on the front shelves of your kitchen. So, if power breaks down, you will not have to go on a midnight candle hunt.

4. Get a High-Quality Surge Protector

It is an amazing device for protecting appliances since it keeps the appliances safe from any electrical damage. Do you know how? It regulates the electrical voltage and brings it to a level that is safe for your appliances. Believe it or not, but it also has a capacity to hold currents up to some volts, protecting your devices to the best possible. Therefore, do not mind investing in one.

Usually, you can find a cheaper version of it if your budget is giving a red signal for an expensive one. However, it is always recommended that you invest in a reliable one that is of good quality. It is more like a one-time investment because it does not have any installation or maintenance costs. So, rather than waiting for something damage to happen, you should grab one beforehand.

5. Install Thermal Sensors

Have you heard of thermal sensors? These are the sensors that detect the temperature of the wire. Usually, the wires catch fire due to which people witness a power breakdown. Once the wires start heating up, these thermal sensors give an alarm of overheating. Thus, giving you a signal to unplug everything to stay away from any damage. So, how about you install a wireless thermal sensor in your homes?

These are placed right beside the transformer or the main electricity circuit of the house. Hence, whenever there would be any uneven activity in the wires, you would be informed beforehand closing doors for any damage.

6. Backup your Desktop

Honestly, your desktop is nothing less than a treasure of important files. No one can afford to lose all the data because of some power outage. So, rather than crying over the spilled milk, you need to prepare yourself beforehand. Backup all your data and desktop at your earliest possible. Now, you must be wondering how?

Well, for your data, you can use iCloud or Google storage. Desktop backup would cost you a few bucks since you have to get your hands on a UPS. It would let you work even when the electricity connection is cut. It gives leverage of 7 to 10, minutes which is more than enough to save all your data. However, you don’t need to worry about anything if you have a laptop with amazing battery life.


Many people stress about power outages during the rainy seasons because wire breakages are very common. Well, there is no point in worrying; instead, it is better to prepare for it to slip off any damage. If you are wondering how? Have a look above for tips to avoid damage from a midnight power outage at home.