Despite Its Rural Roots Apron-front Sink are Still Very Contemporary and Modern


Apron front sinks have a long history since the time it used to be a staple choice for rural homes. The design of the sink considered the aspect of comfortable working for people in kitchens. They had to spend long hours at the sink while working in the kitchen.  The design of the sink addressed the issue of comfortable working by creating an apron in the front. It eliminated the countertop that often made people bend forward over the sink and strained the body. The sink is different from the drop-in sink in that while sitting in the recess; the sink front overhangs from the supporting cabinetry. Another advantage of the design was that it prevented cabinet damage. Any water or suds dripping over the lips would not fall on the cabinet but the floor.

Apron sinks are large


Since rural homes consisted of many family members, the sink had to be large enough to accommodate large vessels and utensils used for preparing meals for large families. Another reason for having a big sink in those times was to make the sink hold more water brought from the well as there was no plumbing. It is the reason that apron-front sinks have deep bowls, and the size is also much bigger than traditional sinks. The depth also made it easy to wash many large utensils at a time in the sink. A typical apron-front sink has a single large bowl, but the modern-day sinks can have double bowls too.

The style of your kitchen influences the choice of the sink, especially the sink design and style. Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, are an excellent choice for kitchens that mix modern and traditional elements in the design.  If your kitchen is of this type, then you can think about installing an apron front sink by Kraus, which would feel more appropriate than ever.  But before you add beauty to your kitchen, you should know about it in more detail to understand how it enhances the kitchen aesthetics while balancing all your needs perfectly.

Attractive looks

Usually, sink designs are beautiful, but the design of apron-front sinks is so special that it creates added attraction, which is the primary reason for drawing people towards it. The apron jutting in the front and acting as a part of the countertop adds an important design feature to the kitchen. Over the years, the kitchen that used to be a secluded and utilitarian space in the house has transformed into an important gathering spot that is central to the home, and this has paved the way for open kitchen designs. That apron-front sinks are highly functional as well as attractive is a reason for its growing popularity.

The functional aspects

Although the design of farmhouse sinks has changed with time, the concept behind using the large sinks remain the same. The sink is handy for large households and even smaller ones that use lots of big pots and pans in the kitchen. Unless you have a huge sink, you cannot wash many large utensils in the sink, and only the farmhouse sink design can fully meet the needs. It is not surprising to see someone using the sink as a pool for the pet dog or the child.

The ergonomically designed sinks are highly user-friendly because the sink-front or apron extends past the edge of the cabinet, which makes it easy for users to reach the sink without leaning forward, which prevents straining the back. This is a crucial design aspect that addresses the health issues of those who spend a long time at the sink for whatever reason. However, taller persons might find the sink a bit uncomfortable because since the depth of the sink is more than other types of sinks, it would require some bending to reach to the bottom of the sink.

Sink materials

There is no restriction on the type of material used for making farmhouse sinks. Metal farmhouse sinks made from stainless steel, brass, copper, and cast iron are quite prevalent, and you will also find fireclay and marble used for creating unique farmhouse sinks. You can even have porcelain farmhouse sinks depending on the budget. Farmhouse sinks are more expensive than other traditional sinks, and you must be ready to spend a decent sum to get the sink that you are looking for because it may require customization to meet your requirements.


Farmhouse sinks are available as Drop=in as well as Undermount types. The choice depends on the kind of looks you want. For a clean look with smooth lines, undermount installation is the best option because only the faint edge of the sinks is visible from the top as the design does not have lips. The absence of lips creates a cleaner workspace because there are no chances of dirt and grime accumulation between the lip and the countertop. The seamless fitting also eases cleaning as you can sweep crumbs and liquids from the countertop into the sink. However, it is essential to seal the seam between the sink and the countertop to prevent leakage.

Top mount or drop-in farmhouse sinks are also a viable option because it can work with any countertop but especially suitable for butcherblock countertop because you need not worry about water spillage on the exposed edge of the countertop adjacent to the sink. If you have a laminated countertop, then using a top-mount farmhouse sink is mandatory because this type of countertop is not suitable for undermount installation.

An integrated farmhouse sink is also an option where the sink is carved into the countertop design and made from the same material. These sinks look expensive.

The versatility of the design of farmhouse sinks makes it an excellent choice for all types of kitchens provided there is enough space to accommodate the large size. Farmhouse sinks with modern design can be a showpiece of the kitchen, and you can also create a fusion of styles by combining traditional looks with advanced features.  Contemporary styling can give timeless appeal to the sinks.