Things to Consider Before Choosing An Air Conditioner


We spend a good two-thirds of our life in closed rooms. It is essential to pay attention to an excellent indoor climate and to check it regularly. However, an ideal room climate does not create itself – you have to make it happen. The various factors that influence the room climate must be well coordinated. People often choose air conditioning to improve the indoor environment. You have to understand this to select the right air conditioner and air conditioner parts online and from the market near your premises.


If you enter a supermarket, a department store, or similar facilities in the summer, it is noticeably more relaxed and more pleasant at first. Most air conditioners can be used to cool and warm the interior. When it comes to cool down the temperature of a room, the air conditioner extracts the heat of the air from the room and transport it outside using a so-called condenser. If you use the air conditioning system to warm the room, the circuit reversed. Heat is extracted from the outside and re released in the interior.


In the market or online stores, you can find a large selection of mobile and split air conditioners for the home and office. For larger air conditioning systems, it makes sense to find a reliable planner and to be able to compare offers. For this, some fantastic suggestions for air conditioning system providers show their services on their sites. Fill out their form, and they will help you find planners and reasonable prices. You can, of course, also find current devices in the hardware store or local electronics store, for example, well- known manufacturers include. And if instead of air conditioning, you feel that a standing or ceiling fan is sufficient. You can also look around in some shops.


As the first step, it is crucial to determine how much hot air I should remove to cool the atmosphere. It is the prerequisite for being able to select the right device. Besides, you should clarify whether you can also eliminate or avoid these causes for the heat in the rooms in other ways – for example, better sun protection from the outside. If you can use it to reduce solar radiation, you may even save yourself air conditioning entirely.


The wrong or oversized device is either not efficient enough and maybe more expensive than your budget. You have to avoid both. So, first of all, it is vital to determine which factors contribute to the room becoming too hot. A load of hot air comes from various sources.


Generally, air conditioners cause high electricity costs. But split devices are more efficient and, therefore, cheaper in terms of power consumption. As already mentioned, the heat load should be determined at the beginning to buy the right air conditioner. If you do not want this and want to use a rule of thumb, you can get a suitable air conditioning system from the store by telling them your room’s capacity and size. A standard air conditioning system has 60 watts of cooling capacity per square meter. Example: A 25m² place is to be cooled. That results in 25 x 60 watts = 1500 watts of roughly required cooling capacity. It is how you calculate the annual electricity consumption of the air conditioning unit. The average running time is 330 hours per year. If you pay attention to the efficiency classes when buying, you can influence the electricity costs favorably.


Principally, the air conditioning works precisely like a refrigerator. The refrigerator cools your beer inside, and transport the heat out of it. You can usually feel the warm air at the back of the fridge. A whole room and the warm air (with the mobile air conditioning units) led out of the room with an exhaust hose. From a technical point of view, air conditioning usually has the following structure (based on the so-called Linde’s process, discovered in 1876 by Carl von Linde, the inventor of the refrigerator):

  • A thermostat measures the temperature in the room. Depending on requirements, this switches on the cooling unit or regulates the output, whereby the air conditioning system draws warm air from the room by a fan.
  • There is a closed cooling circuit in the air conditioning system, in which there is a coolant. The coolant evaporates and absorbs the heat of the intake air.
  • Now cooled air is blown back into the room to avoid air eddies.
  • The evaporated coolant is conveyed to a compressor in the pipes, compressed to a high degree, and heated up.
  • Then it flows through the condenser, a pipe coil on the back of the device. The hot and compressed coolant gas is suddenly cooled down by the ambient temperature, condenses, and becomes liquid again. Then the ambient air around the condenser absorbs the heat.
  • With the split unit, this process takes place outdoors, so the heat is already where it belongs.
  • With the mobile air conditioner in the room, this heated air blows outside using a fan and hose.
  • The liquid refrigerant now flows back to the evaporator, and the cycle starts again.
  • Depending on the setting and device, the air is dehumidified and filtered during the process.


Buildings with large glass surfaces are often considered and used in modern architecture. They offer a large target for sun rays. The rooms inside the building are scorching and inevitably have to be cooled down again. Since it is rarely possible to pull through, the owners rely on air conditioning systems that cool the room temperature down to a pleasant 18 to 20°c. In this case, a well-set air conditioning system is a real advantage, because you don’t want to sit in a warm office in the hot summer.


As we know, the indoor climate is regulated according to several factors, such as humidity, temperature, and non-ventilated quality of the air. However, air conditioning is not well suited to create an excellent indoor climate. Similar to heating, the air conditioner emits dry air. It causes complaints such as dry mucous membranes. Besides, people who are exposed to air conditioning systems complain more about colds.

In countries where the weather is scorching in the summer like 40°c, air conditioners are the necessary item for every house, market, and office buildings because it becomes complicated to survive in summer without a good air conditioner.