Fully Aluminum Furniture Make An Eco-home


Traditional household boards for furniture cabinets are mainly particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood. These panels are needed to add a lot of binders during the production process. The binder is the hiding place of formaldehyde. Therefore, furniture cabinets made from the above boards will inevitably have formaldehyde. Now custom furniture and cabinets can reduce the formaldehyde content through technical treatment, but there are still hidden safety hazards. There is experimental evidence that most households have higher levels of indoor air pollution than outdoors, and formaldehyde has been proven to be the main cause of many diseases. People pay more and more attention to indoor pollution such as formaldehyde. So the demand for fully-aluminum furniture is increasing, which is more healthy and environmentally friendly.

The raw materials of fully-aluminum furniture and cabinets are made of extruded aluminium profiles, which are converted into aluminum alloy plates through casting and extrusion of aluminum. No formaldehyde-containing adhesive is added during the process. The hardware is used to connect during the installation process, which is a true sense of health and environmental protection without formaldehyde. The color can not only be sprayed into a kind of simple colors, like conventional white, light coffee, light blue, light green, etc. but also can be coated timber look on aluminum cabinet surface, this wood texture can be completely integrated with the overall interior design.

During the use of traditional furniture, you must have encountered the following problems: oil fume can not be wiped off hard, it is easy to damage the cabinet; why there is a bug in the wardrobe; the shoe cabinet is damp and impermeable; the bathroom cabinet is prone to mold and paint. After using the furniture for some time, it will encounter some problems. On the one hand, the quality of the board itself is not good. On the other hand, the wood material is not moisture-proof and moth-proof. It is prone to deformation and cracking due to external forces and temperature changes. The cabinet of fully-aluminum furniture can overcome the above disadvantages.

The wooden or plywood boards can no longer be reused after furniture encounters damage while being reassembled after moving, or reaching a certain number of years. A large amount of wasted furniture and cabinets affect the environment. Customized fully-aluminum furniture can be easily and quickly loaded and unloaded to achieve multiple cycles of use. When used in fixed locations, the life of fully-aluminum furniture is much longer than that of ordinary furniture. Even if it enters the waste phase, aluminum materials can be recycled.

Fully-aluminum household furniture and cabinet products include fully-aluminum cabinets, fully-aluminum bathroom cabinets, fully-aluminum wardrobes, fully-aluminum wine cabinets, fully-aluminum bookcases, fully-aluminum shoe cabinets, fully-aluminum balcony cabinets, and other products. Compared with traditional plywood cabinets, fully-aluminum homes have unparalleled advantages such as zero formaldehyde, water resistance, fire resistance, mildew resistance, insect resistance, and crack resistance. All these advantages are loved by many families now.