What Are Real Estate Sign Riders and How Can They Help Sell Your Property


While marketing across many industries has largely transitioned towards more digital methods, traditional tactics continue to be effective for other niches. This includes the real estate industry, where physical signage like yard signs and sign riders are enhanced by digital marketing. After all, there is nothing that can outwardly indicate that a property is for sale like a huge sign telling people of that fact. Additionally, sign riders can add more important details or announcements that can pique buyers’ interest for a certain property, especially when it needs to stand out more.

The Real Estate Marketing Tool People Often Overlook

Real estate sign riders are essentially the smaller tags that are usually attached to the main yard sign on listed properties. Sign riders primarily provide potential buyers and passersby with a good first impression of the home. However, they can serve a number of purposes. They can function like an important announcement of a home viewing or an attractive feature about the property.

Moreover, sign riders can work like a call-to-action button does, encouraging someone to decide to do something (contact the agent, go to the open house, etc.) regarding the property. It is for this reason that the content and design of the sign rider is of extreme importance. A well-designed sign rider with convincing and eye-catching text can increase an agent’s chances of gathering more leads for that property.

How Sign Riders Can Help with Property Sales

Now that you know what sign riders are for, how can you maximize their use to increase your property’s appeal and expedite its sale? Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Increase the number of contacts for a certain property.

You do not have to use sign riders for every listed property you have. One of the purposes of a sign rider is to bring more attention to a specific home that may not be doing as well as other listings. By being strategic with how you attach the sign rider and what it looks like, you can easily make a listed property more appealing and attractive. If you need more ideas on what to put on your sign rider, click here to get inspired.

Doing this is especially important if you are new to using sign riders. It is good to prioritize the listed properties that need to be noticed more so people will want to look at the property or at least learn more about it. The more leads that sign riders help generate for a listed property, the faster you can find a buyer and close the sale on it.

2. Announce open houses and more.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to make announcements is via the sign rider. You can attach one announcing an upcoming open house or one saying that an open house is currently being held. Moreover, sign riders with the information about the property’s status in the market may also be attached to encourage interested buyers to make a decision or make an offer.

3. Share more appealing information about the home.

Sign riders make it easier for you to update or enhance the information on the main sign, especially if it used to be incomplete. If the listed property has a feature that can potentially attract more buyers to come look at it, you can include that in the sign rider. Something simple like “backyard pool” or “updated security system” is already effective, but you can be more creative if you’d like.

Inject some humor or share something unique that will surely grab people’s attention and help make the listed home more memorable. Simple messages like “not haunted”, “price reduced”, or “solar-powered home” are definitely enough to have people doing double takes or can at least elicit chuckles from passersby.

4. Make it easier for potential buyers to contact you.

In the world of real estate, traditional and digital marketing methods can actually augment each other. Therefore, a sign rider can be used as a physical aspect of an existing digital campaign. You can leave instructions telling passersby and potential buyers to text a certain number for additional information or use an app that will send an automated reply containing information about the property as well as your information to the potential buyer.

Some apps can also tell you if the buyer is currently at the property, making it easier and faster to go and meet with them right then and there. Less time can be spent on back and forth, and buyers get the information that they need right away. While it seems simple enough, these fast and prompt responses can help increase the chances of the home being sold as soon as possible. Buyers will always be more inclined to want to make a purchase if they’ve had a smooth experience during the transition.

While sign riders can often be taken for granted, you can use them to your advantage by leveraging their benefits to sell a property faster. Sign riders are still very much useful and relevant and can give your listed properties a competitive advantage in the real estate market.