Should You Hire or Buy Scaffolding for Construction?


If you pass by any construction site, you will always notice some structures that surround what the workers are building. Those skeleton-like structures are the scaffolding. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that workers install to not only support themselves but also the building. Whether a building is a humble house with only a single floor or a skyscraper that pierces the sky, any construction project will always require scaffolding. Some countries even have laws about it. Thus, before a project kicks into full gear, one of the first things a construction firm searches for is scaffolding for hire.

When to Hire

If a project will only take a few weeks or even days, then choosing scaffolding for hire may be the wiser financial decision. There are several kinds of scaffolding, and their applications depend on the project. However, their fundamental purposes are the same, which is to provide workers with safety and access when working at heights. A good supplier should be able to recommend what kind of scaffolding is best for your project.

When you opt for scaffolding for hire, the supplier will typically bring the materials to your location. They will also assemble and disassemble it for you. Because of the safety significance of scaffolding, there are many regulations on it. Thus, suppliers have the proper qualifications to handle it, so it is best to let them do the heavy lifting for this part. The price of scaffolding for hire would typically include the scaffolding itself and labor for handling it. If the project is only short-term, these costs would still save you a lot in contrast with buying. Moreover, if your project has an unusual shape, then it would also be better to let the supplier think about how to set up the scaffolding properly.

You also have to consider storage. The bigger the project, the more scaffolding materials you will need. Once you are done with your project, you will need to store the scaffolding somewhere. If you do not have space, then it may be better to choose scaffolding for hire.

When to Buy

If a project is long-term such as at least a year, or if the company sees itself using the same scaffolding several times in the near future, then buying may be viable. The cost of scaffolding for hire depends on the kinds and amounts of scaffolding. Moreover, the rates have a time basis; they can be either per day or per month. Thus, the cost is a significant consideration, and buying scaffolding may be less hurting on your budget.

When you buy scaffolding, you also take on all the responsibilities that the supplier has. From handling the scaffolding to ensuring that it meets with all legal requirements, you will then bear those things on your shoulders. Buying scaffolding implies that you have the material and human resources to transport, handle and maintain the scaffolding materials. These implications include having licensed personnel to handle your new property because no ordinary construction worker can handle scaffolding. If your company can carry that weight on its shoulders, then go ahead and buy. If not, then it would be best to opt for scaffolding for hire.

When you are looking for scaffolding for hire, the top trait that you must consider is reliability. In construction, scaffolding is what keeps your workers from safe. Look for a supplier that not only offers excellent quality but has the experience and training to give the best recommendations.

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