How to Manage Property The Right Way: Six Top Tips


Owning a property is everyone’s dream, more so when you grow up seeing people pay a big chunk of their salary in rents. Whether you want to use it as a home or give it away on rent for a passive income while you focus on other aspects of your career, it is entirely up to you. Residential property is not the only choice; there is a commercial type as well, which involves a business activity. As simple as it seems, managing properties is not a bed of roses and many crucial decisions at the right time, increase your profit manifolds.

If you are a landlord who understands nothing substantial about the properties, well, you are missing out on many opportunities. There is a reason for real estate and massive business opportunity, and people earn millions from it if they know what to do. Real estate itself has a broad scope, and property management is one of the things that this business encompasses. Broadly, property management involves increasing the income from your property while reducing the tenancy issues. Understandably, you want to earn more from a property, but that is not possible if your tenants keep leaving sooner than later.

Property management is mostly about excellent communication, plenty of hard work, and transparency on the part of all the parties involved. One way to handle this situation is to hire the service of a real estate agent or group. But you would want to make sure that you let a genuine property management service handle your valuable possession instead of quacks. Whatever you decide, here are some tips that you must know if you plan to make an informed decision.

Know your property

Whatever you sell or rent out in your life, the rule of thumb is to know the specification and limitations of the product. The same rule applies to your laptop, gaming console, phone, car, and not so surprisingly, the property. Every part of the property has a lifespan and periodic servicing requirements. The last thing you want to do is misinforming your potential future clients, and they find it out the hard way. Not only will this create unnecessary friction and mistrust, but you can pretty much lose your client too.

Vacation seekers usually expect nothing to go wrong, since they are there for relaxing, not worrying about things breaking down. Hence, if any of the systems installed in your property requires maintenance or even a complete overhauling, you must invest in it. Yeah, temporarily, you reduce your profit by doing so, but in the long run, you are preserving your business and avoiding unnecessary headaches.

Understand the revenue generation

Being the owner of the property, you must know the potential of revenue that your property can generate, given its attributes. The value of a property depends on several factors starting with the location your property resides. You must have heard the word “posh” being used many times in slang to describe expensive stuff. Well, there are posh areas too where the properties generate more rent or profit than the rest of the city. Recognizing if your property exists in a posh area helps a great deal in understanding its potential. Then the second factor that contributes to the value of the property is the area that it covers.

If we are talking about homes, more area means larger rooms or even more rooms or depending on the design, any desirable space. Having a larger property brings a paradigm shift to the expected profits as you can charge more than the others in the market. And finally, the level of luxury also contributes to the value. After taking into account all these factors, can only one make a reasonable prediction about a good offer for both the parties.

Choosing a property manager

Despite gathering all the knowledge that is available to you, it is always a safer option to let the specialists handle your situation. However, choosing the realtor can sometimes be tricky since not everyone is whom they claim to be. One can judge a property manager through several criteria, including how long they have been in the business. The new ones can sometimes make rookie mistakes that will cost you a great deal of money. The next criterion is how professionally do they handle your case as many offer a 100% money-back guarantee if things do not go as per your satisfaction. So, remember that you must consider all the variables while taking this vital decision. You should always vet several realtors or property managers and then make a comparison of their offers to see if they align with your requirements.

Ensure the presence of essentials

People looking for a vacation place usually expect the property they rent has all the essentials that they expect in a home. So, if you are planning to save some money by not furnishing the kitchen with enough material to make it usable, don’t! The same goes for bathrooms, multimedia equipment, and furniture. Remember that your target is giving them a comfortable stay so they can recommend you further to their friends and colleagues and create a chain of clients.

Regularly inspect the property 

Yeah, it could be a nuisance to check everything periodically, but it is necessary. Inspections help you find out if any part of your property requires maintenance, so your next guests or tenants do not have a bad experience. Short-term rentals are on a steady rise as this report claims, so you must inspect your property more often. Business is all about understanding that the satisfaction of your customer matters the most, without which you can never get enough clients. Asking feedback from the leaving tenants also helps if there was something to improve.


Since we are talking about maintenance, it cannot be possible without having a good relationship with those who provide these services. Hiring a housekeeping service is also necessary at times, and you must pay attention to the level of service they provide, so keeping in touch is recommended. Furthermore, staying in touch with realtors and property managers helps in recognizing profit-making opportunities. As they say, keep your ear to the ground.


Property management is a serious business and requires a great deal of dedication if you want to make the highest possible profit from your possession. Though it is known as passive income, the right amount of activeness helps the owner a great deal. Depending on the available time, if you cannot possibly follow the tips, hiring a property management service is a good idea. Whatever the case, you must know that you can make more than what you are making from your property with a few right decisions.