LVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking


LVLP stands for Low-Volume-Low Pressure spray gun that can easily operate at the low-pressure – less than 10 PSI at the nozzle. On the other hand, High Volume Low-Pressure is a conventional spray gun. The HVLP spray gun uses a compressor for the supply of the air, but the HVLP spray gun operates at low-pressure. LVLP Spray Gun is used for various applications such as woodworking, industrial applications and automotive.

– What is better HVLP or LVLP?

Usually, there are three spray guns available in the market. They include conventional spray gun, LVLP spray gun and HVLP spray gun. Conventional sprays result in 60%-70% overspray. Most fortunately, there are better options available too. You can choose between HVLP and LVLP spray gun for industrial applications, woodworking and automotive jobs. LVLP spray gun is considered the best for woodworking and automotive jobs.

Though both of these guns use low pressure under 10 PSI, but there are many subtle differences between them.

· Difference between HVLP and LVLP Spray Guns:

HVLP spray gun gives you the best-quality and high-glossy finish. Furthermore, HVLP spray guns are abundantly available within the market. It means that the support and training modules for the spray gun would be instantly available. LVLP spray gun is a premium spray painting gun. LVLP spray gun has low-waste in comparison to the HVLP and Conventional Spray Gun.

Most HVLP spray systems utilize around 20 CFM @50 PSIs. It means that you can only paint with the 80-gallon tank. Otherwise, it can be a problem if you cannot find or afford 80-gallon tank. On the other hand, LVLP uses 5 CFM @10-25 PSI. As the LVLP Spray gun makes use of the low-air pressure, so you can use small compressor tank also.

If you are working in the production environment, LVLP Spray Guns are the most excellent options. They are the best because of their fan width and low material flow rates.

HVLP and LVLP are better for their respective purposes they are used for. Both of them are efficient and effective in the ways they are used. They offer controlled ways of spraying the objects with very little overspray. LVLP spray uses lesser air pressure and works finely with 5 CFM, so it is quite easy to afford and use LVLP spray gun. All in all, LVLP spray gun and HVLP spray gun both offer a greater solution for your painting problems.

– Can You Paint A Car With A LVLP Gun?

LVLP spray guns operate at the lowest pressure – as low as under 10 PSI. LVLP spray offers a controlled way of coloring the objects. With LVLP gun, you can paint objects with little overspray. It causes less waste compared to HVLP and Conventional sprays. So,LVLP Spray Gun can be used for various purposes such as painting a car.

It may seem very simple and easy process to paint a car. But let us break the bad news to you; it is not. It is not as simple as it may seem. You need to have the previous knowledge and experience of working with the spray guns and high-quality materials. Otherwise, you will end up causing lots of trouble and loss.

So, here is a simple guideline as to how you can paint a car with LVLP gun:

  1. Preparing the Space: First of all, you must prepare the place for the car-painting job. You must cover the objects that should not be stained. You must protect everything inside the garage using foil paper or any kind of sheeting or covering.
  2. Proper Cleaning of the Space: Dust is the worst enemy of the painters. You should vacuum clean all the dust from the garage and mop the place.
  3. Proper Ventilation: You must consider the ventilation of the place. The place must have proper ventilation system. It is mandatory not to paint in the open spaces. Then, it is also mandatory not to paint in enclosed garage. Especially when you wear a mask, you must decide against it.
  4. Setting up the Equipment: You should determine the pressure of the spray gun, and test it on an object.
  5. Painting Individual Parts of the Car: You must allocate cars into pieces according to the design chosen. Then, you should only paint one part only at a time. Thus, it would be easy to paint the car. There is the best chance of a good three layers for each part. It should be kept in mind that each part must be left to dry before another coating.

Note: This process can only be carried out by people who have previous experience and knowledge of the field. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you must learn painting from the scratch first.

– Can You Use A HVLP Gun With An Air Compressor?

Yes, you have to use an air compressor with HVLP spray gun to start working. With HVLP Spray gun, you require a compressor of 20 CFM @50 CFI. It would be more right to say that without air compressor, spray guns are not usable. You have to conduct extensive research of the market in order to find the right air compressor for your job. In-depth analysis of all products are utmost necessary for acquiring the best air compressor.

You must remember that the best compressor of all is the one that meets all your painting requirements. You should read the special features before purchasing the HVLP spray gun and air compressor.


HVLP and LVLP are spray guns that are the best alternatives for the conventional spray guns. HVLP is the most commonly used spray gun that gives the painter a measured control over the painting. HVLP causes too little waste and overspray than conventional spray guns. LVLP spray guns are the best of all other spray guns. It is a premium spray gun that gets the painting job done in the finest manner. LVLP spray guns create little waste and overspray compared to HVLP spray guns and conventional sprays. So, LVLP spray guns is the ultimate best choice for all kinds of jobs such as woodworking.

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