Features of Office Chair Mats


Carpet-friendly design. These chair mats have spikes or cleats on the underside of the mat, and this is often how the chair mat anchors to the ground. it’ll not damage the carpeting and ensures a secure and stable position for your office chair.

Chair mat lip. this is often a design found on rectangular chair mats that have an extension along one fringe of the mat. you ought to place this extended edge closest to the surface so you’ll slide your chair once you got to find a easier position.

High clarity design. This refers to those clear mats that provide visibility of the ground underneath the mat.

Floor Mat Do’s and Don’ts

The following are a couple of office chair mat do’s and don’ts you ought to remember:


* Select a mat which will be anchored if you’ve got carpeting and confirm it specifically designed for your carpet thickness

* For hard floors, confirm that the office chair mat features a smooth backing

* once you have a more traditional desk, and you’ve got drawers on all sides , then you ought to choose a chair mat with a lip

* If you’ve got a corner workspace, a teardrop-shaped desk chair mat will provide you with far more flexibility

* come around in your chair as you’d on a traditional day to work out which office floor mat is best

* Consider any tables or drawers that you simply got to confine easy reach

* Measure the ground space you’ve got available for an office chair mat

* Plan ahead. confine mind any changes you propose to form within the near furniture. for instance , is your flooring getting to change, your furniture getting switched out, or anything getting rearranged? this will all affect how effective your floor mat are going to be .


* Never distract from the general look of your office. Don’t select a mat which will clash together with your style or which will become an eyesore.

* Don’t use a mat with grips, spikes, or cleats on your pave floor

* Don’t forget to live and find an appropriately sized and shaped office chair mat

* Don’t get a chair mat which will decrease your range of motion

Here are the highest mats to guard your floors and keep your productivity at a high level.

Things to think about When Selecting a Floor Mat

There are several factors to think about when selecting the perfect chair mat for your needs.

Correct Size

Take under consideration the dimensions of your workspace and therefore the base of your chair. Ideally, select a mat which will cover the range of movement of your chair at your workstation.


There are several shapes to settle on from round, rectangular and more. If you’re fairly stationary at your desk, a round mat may go . If you come around tons , a bigger rectangle mat may go better.

Floor Type

For hard floor surfaces like wood, tile, or vinyl, a smooth backed mat is that the right choice. For carpet, select a mat with grippers – small dimples on rock bottom which grab the carpet. Match the depth of your carpet to the gripper size.

Also, since carpet tends to be softer, choose a thicker sturdier mat, especially if the carpet features a higher pile. The added thickness of the mat helps support the chair and prevents indentations when remaining in one place for an extended period of your time . For deep pile carpet, a glass chair mat may provide more support.

Level of Use

High traffic areas with extended use require a thicker and more durable mat. A lightly used desk can get by with a thinner mat if you’re on a budget. A thicker mat, albeit slightly costlier , it a far better value if you spend tons of your time at your desk.

How to Keep your Chair Mat

When you make a sale , you understandably want it to last as long as possible. so as to stay your chair mat in great shape, observe the subsequent guidelines:

* the way to Clean: When your chair mat seems like it needs cleaning, or an unfortunate spill occurs in your office, just dampen a cloth or sponge with mild soap to wash it. This shouldn’t got to be done fairly often for the typical chair mat. you’ll also use a mop.

* Unroll Immediately: Most office chair mats are going to be shipped to the customer rolled up. As soon as yours arrives, unroll it directly and put it on the bottom or on a table. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t lie perfectly flat immediately; it’s going to take a few of days to regain its original, flat shape, which it’ll then retain over time.

* Watch the Temperature: Your chair mat shouldn’t be used anywhere with cold or hot temperatures (below 60 F or above 95 F). These temperatures could cause the fabric to wear out faster or maybe crack. Keeping your mat within the average home or office environment should keep it looking great for an extended while.

* Avoid Moisture: It’s best if you don’t use your office chair mat during a place where moisture is prevalent under the flooring material or carpet. In newer places, you ought to be fine, but double-check in older buildings.

You can’t fail choosing any of the ground mats on our list and, if cared for properly , your product should last you an extended time and help your floors stay looking great.