What is the Safest Cookware for Your Health?


We all know that in order to live, humans need food. When, one day, it was discovered that the cookware we use could kill us, the whole world was shocked. Many regulations regarding the materials cookware is made of have been implemented in order to make it safer for health. But many of us still don’t trust those who produce bake and cookware.

So how to get peace of mind and not be scared for the health of your family while cooking? There is some great news for you; not all the cookware emits toxic elements while heating. There are many kinds that are completely safe.

Here, you can find a list of the cookware you should pay attention to:


One of the oldest ways to create kitchenware is definitely the art of ceramic. People practiced pottery in Ancient Rome and Greece. Of course, nowadays, the techniques are modernised and updated, but the principle remains the same.

The best ceramic cookware is fired up in a kiln, which makes it much stronger and more long-lasting than the ones created in ancient times.

This kind of cookware is considered by many experts to be among the safest types. However, it has one disadvantage. You will damage the tray or a pan if you put it into a very hot oven. The temperature should increase gradually when the cookware is inside.

Nowadays, there are many ceramic pans with removable handles. So, you can put them into a dishwasher. Which is a huge plus.


This material also does an excellent job when it comes to cooking. Mostly, it is used for baking. However, you have to make sure that you buy a high-quality item, and the glass is heat resistant. Also, the material should be very difficult to break.

Never bake in a glass tray that has been damaged. It might shatter in a hot oven. Always make sure the kitchen appliances made of this marital are in good condition.


Those who watch Gordon Ramsay’s videos know how much he adores the pans made of titanium. They are long-lasting, stable, and don’t affect the taste of the food.

Due to the fact that titanium is the second hardest metal known to man, the pots and trays made of it will perfectly keep the heat. Therefore, you can invest in buying at least one pan for making steaks and other meat dishes. The effect will be amazing.

Of course, the price of titanium kitchen appliances is much higher than the cost of other cookware. But if you really love to cook and want to achieve a good result while preparing the dishes, it will be worth every penny.

Sometimes, it is better to buy an expensive item that will be used for decades than the cheapest one that will need to be replaced in a couple of months.


I bet that the mothers or grandmothers of each of us have a good old pan that everyone loves because, for some reason, everything seems more delicious when fried in it.

It might not have the best look. But every time you prepare something, you choose this good old skillet. Most of this old-fashioned cookware is made of cast-iron. This material perfectly conducts and keeps heat. That’s why the pancakes have this amazing golden colour when fried in it.

Don’t throw away old pans and trays your family used a long time ago. Some of them might be much safer and long-lasting than the modern ones. Nowadays, many companies come back to good old traditions and use cast-iron for kitchen appliances.

Another benefit of the cookware made of this metal is the fact that they are not coated with the substances that make them stickless. Very often, these elements can evoke allergic reactions and diseases.

A disadvantage of this is the fact that you would have to grease the pans more, so the food doesn’t stick to its surface. But, common, we don’t live in the twentieth century anymore. You won’t use animal fat while preparing food.

There are many healthy options for greasing the surface of the cookware. For instance, for sweet dishes, you can use coconut oil and olive oil for the salty ones.

The Last Thing

There isn’t one answer to the questions about which cookware is the best. Everything depends on how much money you want to spend and your preferences. Remember about the list of safe materials while buying your next pot. Maybe, it will save your health.