Bulletproof Vs Bullet-Resistant Glass: Are Both Named for the Same Thing?


Bulletproof and bullet resistance are the two terms that we hear commonly in our daily lives. Well, some people think that they are the same and use these two words interchangeably. While a separate group is calling them different from each other. They might sound the same, but they are different in many aspects, which we need to explore and understand in detail. It is a very simple concept that needs to be cleared so that the future use may be the right one.

To explain this difference in detail, we have compiled this article for you. At the end of it, you will clearly understand both terms in detail along with differences between them.

Is bullet-resistant bulletproof?

When we talk about bullet resistance materials, it means that they can stop the entry of bullets into the material. For this, the speed and caliber of resisting the bullet are quite clear. Each material has its capacity of resisting bullets and that is how it works every time.

Now the question is whether the bullet resistance material bulletproof too? The answer is that bulletproof is simply an exaggerated term that reflects that the material used for this will be completely free from any shock due to the bullet. While in reality, no material can resist bullets coming at very high speed. The bullet might not affect at first, but repeated shocks will damage the material and the bullet will pass through it at the same rate as it would pass otherwise.

Why is bullet-resistant glass still used despite not being 100% bulletproof?

If we look into the meaning of bullet resistant glass, then we come to know that it is that glass type which can be used to save something from harm through physical means. Even the glass itself is not affected by it, so the things behind it also remain protected all the time. If, for instance, you hit it with the help of some hammer or any other weapon like fire a bullet, then the bullet resistant glass is there to just protect from any damage. It stays safe and also keeps the things out of danger that is behind it.

We all know that the bullet resistant glass comes in different thickness depending on how much safety you need for something. Also, the material of bullet resistant glass might vary from one another because that is also referred to as something which you would need to protect you and your things to a certain extent.

The question that why bullet resistant glass is still used while it is not completely bulletproof is that it is still safe to use. It still protects from the danger and direct connection with it when something odd happens. Also, it can just break the momentum of the bullet coming towards it, so to a large extent, it is working for the protection and safety for sure.

Types of Bullet Resistant Glass

There are different types of bullet resistance glasses used all over the world for different purposes. Here is a detailed discussion about each one of them so that you may know the type and how they differ from each other for different uses.

Given below is the detail of each one of them:

1.    Level 1

It is that form or type of glass that might not stand against these shocks for a very long time.

  • At level one, the protection is minimum and the bullet resistant glass can only resist the shock coming from the bullet fired from a
  • Therefore, it will fall out quickly and the things or persons you want to protect through it will be in direct danger of the bullet in no

2.    Level 2

This level of bullet resistant glass can stop the bullets coming from the high caliber and guns, but they are not like level 1 in which the danger becomes obvious after a few shots. It will stand still for a longer period. This level is best for protecting buildings that need security and protection, while in case of some physical protection, this bullet resistant glass level might not be a good choice because it is not possible through this level at all.

3.    Level 3

As compared to the previous two levels, this level of bullet resistant glass is a bit higher and more protective.

  • It can protect things even when the level of danger is exceeding the normal level.
  • It is made with the thicker and better material of bullet resistant glass that helps control the bullets shocks in a much better way than the other types mentioned in the section above.

4.    Level 4-8

The automatic weapons of high-end bullet firing weapons could make no harm if you are using the bullet resistant glass of this level.

  • They can bear the shock of any type and form that is coming towards the person or things placed behind it.
  • This stage or level of bullet resistant glass can be safely called as the ‘bulletproof’ glass material.

The level of resistance you need that bullet resistant glass provide

Well, the level of resistance, which the bullet resistant glass provides to the user, may vary as per the type of the glass that is used for this purpose. As we know that different situations and uses require your different bullet resistant glass types, so in the same way the level of resistance they provide may also vary according to these conditions.


Well, now you must be sure that the bullet-resistant glass or the bulletproof one is two different things. In the very same way, you can expect the same difference when different materials are talked about. Simply, the purpose of the whole discussion was that people know the facts about these terms and start using them in the right way in articles, discussions, programs, etc. Only through this correction, the real outcome of the words is possible, as they will be used at the right place for the right reasons.