How to Achieve a Debt-free and Stress Free Minimalist Life in 2020


Minimalist living is a life-changing path. It makes you realize that having less possession lets you appreciate what you already have. It helps you asses the essential things that you need in your life. This lifestyle helps you to be debt-free, and clear your mind off the worldly material things that distract us from attaining freedom and stress-free experience.

There is no perfect formula for how we can achieve this lifestyle. We can start doing the basics by assessing your life. Make a list of specific things that would make you feel alive and be passionate about it.

Role model

Social media dramatically affects people’s lifestyle. Consider following influencers that inspires you to appreciate less in life but still encourages you to be more excitable about the things that make you feel real happiness.

Start the change in your office

Offices tend to be a place we stay most of the time because of work, and it can get too crammed with filed papers. To sort this out and save space in your desk, try buying a binder that does not take a lot of space. Buy a cactus to absorb the radiation and give a bit of life to your desk.

A table lamp that provides you with a better light on your work table; if your area does not have better lighting. Those are the essential thing you need in the office to keep your desk simple with more space to work on your daily task.

Minimalism is a creative way of saving space in your houses or apartments too


Our homes and condos are the second places we stay most of our time after a tiring day at work. It’s the first place we think of to seek safety and comfort from everything. You have to choose the right stuff that is well-suited with how you envision your home would look. Like the wall decorations that are felicitous with the wall colors, to the kind of materials you would like to mix in such as wood or steel type.

Do consider the cost of each item you would like to buy, where to buy them if those items aren’t found in your area. Lastly, be conscious not to spend over the budget when buying things for your place to be debt-free in making your dream minimalist house a reality.

Try to section your house or apartments from the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You may start it by grabbing those items that you don’t see fitting well with your ideas and place them in a box. You may either sell the removed items online or make a garage sale in front of your house. You may then use the money you earn to buy paint and other stuff to use in remodeling your place. It would help you with the cost too.

Make use of small corner areas in your kitchen to place a customized practical shelf where you can stack your spices and other kitchen items.

What to consider when buying

In buying pieces of items that would go to your ideal look, you need to do a lot of research and invest significant time. Check out some online shops that sell the kind of thing you are looking for, and always compare its prices and location. Habitually take precautions in dealing with online transactions. It’s best to buy them near your area to save cost in shipping, and to personally check the condition of the items especially if it’s not brand new.

Another way is to check out any posted garage sale in the neighborhood to see if they have any items that you are looking for, and you can try haggling to get a good deal with the seller. If those two other options don’t work out, you may try making those items on your own and let your creativity flow. It would help you distress yourself from all that negativity you absorb from your surroundings too.

If you have a piece of good old furniture in your house, you don’t need to sell it to have a new and better minimalist furniture. You may revamp it into a multifunction material that can be used in two ways or more. It won’t cost you a lot if you do these cause you only have to buy the essential items to make the changes to your old furniture. Try buying things in bulk to get discounts from the seller or search for a direct supplier to snag a better deal than from a retailer.

More buying tips

Have a strict budget in buying items; it is best if you invest in pieces that are made of wood or steel. These materials usually go harmoniously with minimalist look. Furthermore, it is a good investment of money because it does not deteriorate quickly.

For wood items, you just have to buy the right product of wood preserver to maintain the good condition of both the interior and exterior that helps prevent woodworms.

Steel products can be maintained by applying some mild detergent in a soft cloth and polished dried with a dry cloth for dust and fingerprint removal. If some marks are hard to remove, you may use steel detergents for limescale and rust. The best part about these items is that you may color it to bring a different vibe in your living space. Do not forget to check and make sure that the content of the paint does not damage your wood or steel items.

These may all sound like hard work, but if you are earnest, you may achieve this lifestyle. Just always stick to the idea of only buying the essential things that you need. If you get tempted to buy stuff, pause and carefully think whether you really need it or you just want it because other people have it too. Pleasant minimalist surroundings can help clear your mind and think of the substantial things that matter most in your life. Financially, this enables you to handle your expenses well and to live a better life that has more meaning.