Urban Living vs Rural Living: Revisiting This Classic Debate In 2020


The debate between urban living vs rural living is centered on quality of life which is greatly influenced by an individual’s understanding of life and requirements.

Most folks preferring rural living are after a simple way of life and are ready to live and be content with basic requirements. For a quick comparison, urban folk will be looking at access to good infrastructural systems, efficient public transport, economic opportunities, and good living characterized by tech advances and glamorous living.

Benefits of Rural Living

Life is certainly slower in the rural setting.  Research has shown some unique benefits of rural vs urban living for your physical and mental health. We have a look at some of the benefits of living in the countryside.

Cleaner Air

Air quality improves drastically the further you move away from major cities.  There is an abundance of plants, decreased pollution, and a lower population density that explains the difference in air quality between rural and urban areas. Research has revealed that plants and microbiota release cell-improving phytochemicals that are beneficial for human health.

High population density is associated with greater population levels due to emissions from vehicles and factories which are prominent features of urban centers. The particulate and heavy metal pollution are associated with damage to the lungs and onset of serious diseases such as cancer and asthma. Choosing to move out of the city from a cleaner environment such as Pickering will have benefits of cleaner air and protection against disease-causing elements.

Lower Crime Rates

The crime rates in the city are markedly higher in cities and other urban centers including robbery, theft, and simple and aggravated assault. The opportunity for crime is higher due to the sheer number of people in urban cities. Law enforcement officers per capita in rural settings is higher compared to the city helping prevent the incidence of crime. That said, crime can happen anywhere both in rural and urban areas.

Pickering offers a good crime-free environment that is good for families raising kids where they have open spaces to play and ride their bikes even when commuting to school.

Greater Psychological Health

Urban living is characterized by emotion and anxiety due to the over-stimulation of various centers of your brain. It is thought to be behind the higher rates of mental health problems for people in the city.

In rural areas, you stand to enjoy better psychological health due to a lower risk of mood disorders and anxiety disorders. The rural living will not entirely eliminate mental illnesses or mood disorders but will lessen the exposure to risk factors that predispose you to these problems and are more prevalent in city life due to a fast-paced life.

Cheaper Cost of Living

The cost of living in cities is quite high compared to that in suburban areas and it is even lower in the rural areas. The major factor that makes for the difference is the cost of housing is cheaper in the rural setting. People living in rural areas pay less for other expenses such as transportation, groceries, and healthcare. Paradise Developments has built homes in rural areas that offer value for money but the investments differ depending on locality.

Oneness with Nature

Rural community vs urban community comparison shows rural life is highly dependent on nature such as farming and small scale extractive mining activities meaning that people are out there in the natural environment over many hours during the day. Living in rural settings presents an opportunity to live in unity with nature. You can enjoy the sunshine outside with plenty of open spaces, there are trees and other flora outside and in parks and nature reserves where you can enjoy nature. The same cannot be said with city life that as sometimes defined as the concrete jungle.

The serene and natural environment has health benefits such as lower blood pressure and improvement of short term memory. Overall, spending more time in nature is good for your health. People seeking to stimulate their creative juices have chosen to live or retreat to the countryside.

Easy Access to Organic Food

Life in the rural environment offers greater access to organically farmed food or the opportunity to grow your own food organically. From farm to plate or zero mile food is common in the countryside with fresh fruit, eggs, and vegetables in the garden right outside the home.

People living in cities have quick access to processed foods as opposed to healthy food options. At every corner and gas station is a snack bar or fast food establishment rather than grocery stores. Organic and healthy food is more expensive compared to processed foods but is not laden with pesticide residues and other chemicals.

Downsides to Rural Living

  • Lack of adequate public transportation makes it difficult to move around if you do not have a car. In the rural setting, the nearest convenience or grocery store could a few kilometers away and hence the need for a means of transportation.
  • Lack of cultural diversity and vibrant cultural scene in the small towns and rural areas can be a big turn off for some people. There will be no galleries or regular concerts and other cultural events common in the city.
  • Smaller numbers of people in the rural setting means you will not be meeting new people on a regular basis. That also means that you will not be encountering a wide range of views and opinions.

In conclusion, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of urban vs rural life so as to make a good decision about where to live. Some people will find fulfillment when they switch from urban to rural living where there is no crowding, more space, fresher air, and more plant life. The rural setting offers a choice of views such as that of mountains and water bodies. It is worth the effort to make some sacrifices such as making a two-hour trip to have dinner with friends in the city once a month or so and live your life by getting a home in Pickering. You will be enjoying a more relaxed pace of life.