How Storefront Glass Benefits Restaurants and Cafes


When opening a new restaurant or renovating an older establishment, remodeling the front is always the key. The front is what entices a potential customer and what greets a loyal one as well. Therefore, a storefront is central to your brand image and can make or break a new business.

A modern yet minimalistic option is to incorporate a glass storefront. Doing so has numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible. You also have the luxury of choosing from a plethora of glass types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. We shall be highlighting a few so that it is easier for you to make a decision when you decide on initiating your restaurant’s renovation.

Boost Your Restaurant Traffic

The first impression is quite often the last impression, especially in today’s cutthroat society. Storefront glass is very effective at attracting casual and walk-in customers. People who are undecided regarding your restaurant may make a decision based on what they see through your storefront glass. The glass storefront displays your menu, your interior, the dishes, and the general ambiance.  Any of these features can tempt casual customers to enter your restaurant. Therefore, if you have installed a glass front, but your competitor has not, you stand a better chance of succeeding.

To boost your traffic, get a clear glass window display which allows for the lightest to pass through. In short, a glass storefront allows you to advertise your business at its location without additional marketing costs.

Increase the Value of Your Building

Sometimes, you have to keep it simple and think from a commercial perspective. A glass front adds a new dimension to your location. It is a feature that most stores simply do not have. Therefore, it sets you apart from your competitors. As a result, if your business unfortunately fails, you can easily sell or rent out your assets for a decent price.

In summation, incorporating a glass front sizeable increases your real estate’s value. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment to make which can pay you back in surprising ways.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A glass front allows you to incorporate insulated glass which is energy efficient. If you live in a cold locality, it is advisable that you install special double glazing glass. This type of glass is a good conductor of light and also a good absorber of heat. This means that it harnesses the sun’s energy during the day and stores heat when the sun is shining. Thereafter, it dissipates this heat during the night, allowing you to cut down on your heating costs.

Alternatively, if you live in a hot climate, you can install a Low-E glass storefront. This type of glass is equipped with a thin filament. This filament allows light to pass through and reflects heat. This keeps the interior cool and therefore, reduce your electricity costs generally.

Therefore, you could say that the energy savings are proportional to the size of your glass front. Again, this proves that you reap the benefits of installing a glass front over an extended period of time.

Bring in Natural Light

Allowing the maximum amount of natural light has a two-pronged effect on your business. Firstly, it allows your restaurant to appear open, airy and wide. This gives your location an increased sense of depth and makes it appear larger than it really is. Secondly, natural lighting will also cut down on your electricity costs as you will not have to rely on bulbs.

Natural lighting also inculcates a livelier atmosphere which also attracts a larger number of customers.

Increase Employee Productivity

Natural lighting also has a positive effect on your employees. Sunlight is said to have a cheery effect on the moods of people. This is congruent with the fact that a depressive atmosphere is usually associated with a dark and dingy environment. Sunlight does away with depressing atmospheres and instead, acts as an uplifting mechanism for both your customers and employees.

It also increases employee motivation through another medium. When storefront glass is installed, it creates the notion within the employees that they are always being watched. This is because the restaurant is open to public viewing. As a result, employee behavior is open to public scrutiny. Consequently, employees maintain their best behavior in order to protect the restaurant’s reputation and their own reputation in check.

Deter Crime

On the face of things, it would appear that a glass front poses a security risk. This is because it reduces privacy and also provides an opportunity for thieves to gain easy entry. However, there is a flipside. The glass front means that everything happening inside the restaurant can be viewed by the public. Therefore, if there is an on-going robbery or an altercation, members of the public can call the police. This also allows, the police in more serious scenarios such as a hostage situation, to effectively gauge the risk.

Finally, if a thief decides to go through the glass front, it will cause a racket and alert the public.
In short, a storefront glass acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.
Therefore, combined with the beautification and the added benefits, installing a glass front is a no-brainer. To get the best deals on various types and sizes of custom made glass, click here.

The Conclusion

On the face of things, renovating your restaurant with a storefront glass set is an expensive task. Even a simple clear glass front will set you back a pretty penny. That bill only goes up if you install insulated glass windows. Additionally, if you value a modicum of privacy, you may want to get frosted glass which is equally expensive.

Regardless, it is important to understand that storefront glass pays your investment back over time. In the case of insulated glass, it will give you savings in the form of reduced electricity and heating costs. Other glass types will make your property more valuable.

Whatever the reason, having a storefront glass is always aesthetically pleasing. It is an elegant way of setting your restaurant apart from the rudimentary competition.