4 Reasons for Installing Glass Sneeze Guards on a Store Counter


With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing in intensity, the global community has had to significantly alter its ways. Social distancing is the talk of the town and the world has gone almost totally online. However, there are some essential commodities which cannot be distributed remotely and require a more interactive approach. Fresh produce is one such commodity, and until we invent robots to do the job for us, you will always find grocery markets crowded with people trading fruits, vegetables, and dairy products by the dozen.

To facilitate this very important function of society, and to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus at the same time, there is a need for an innovative solution. And we have just that. Glass!

This new design features a clear glass panel crafted from tempered glass and supported by a sleek yet sturdy metal frame, allowing it to be positioned anywhere with ease. This glass sneeze guard (as we call it) has many advantages with the top 4 highlighted below.

1. Prevents the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic

If not evident enough from its name, the sneeze guard acts as a shield between your merchandise and customers who may accidentally sneeze during their shopping spree. The width of the glass should be sufficient enough to protect the products against any water-based aerosols carrying the virus by collecting them on its surface instead of letting them attach to the fruits or vegetables. Additionally, since you are the only one now touching the produce that goes in and out of your shop (due to the glass barrier blocking any customer from touching it before it is purchased), you may want to wear a pair of plastic gloves to handle the items. This way, your customers go home happy knowing they bought safe and hygienic products, and you get to go home knowing that nobody will fall sick today due to shopping for groceries. Win-win situation.

2. Eco-friendly and safe

The glass is made of tempered acrylic sheets that are extremely durable and can withstand an immense amount of pressure. The glass does not react with chemicals and does not shatter making them a suitable option for marketplaces. Furthermore, both the glass and its accompanying metal frame are recyclable. So do not worry about discarding them after the pandemic subsides, as they can easily be recycled (although we wouldn’t recommend it as it serves many other purposes). Plastic covers, on the other hand, would last an eternity if not properly disposed of. The pandemic has brought many environmental concerns to light and reducing our carbon footprint is one of them. Metal and glass are easily recyclable components so the more we make use of these instead of plastic, the better.

3. Protects against theft or vandalism

One of its core purposes. The counter guard glass not only delivers security against viruses, but also the age-old taboo traditions of robbery or snatching. With this guard installed, your product looks just as appetizing and hygienic, but is now also immune to unwanted attention. We’re sure everybody has seen how a glass barrier protects important exhibits in a museum or an art gallery. While the former is important in terms of history and culture respectively, the things we’re talking about uphold the very balance of everyday life. In summation, same concept. Different items.

4. Exudes a professional look

They say first impressions matter. So why not start off with a classy and eloquent way to display your items right off the bat? These charming barriers provide the perfect way to exhibit your products while protecting both the customers and the product itself from either party. One of the most impressive properties of glass is its ability to bear weight despite its delicate appearance. So no need to tell those nosy kids to back off the glass, it can handle it! Instantly add value to your shop by showing off your catch of the day using an elegant glass shield that only compliments the product. Wear some plastic gloves if you really want to cast a lasting impression.

We hope this glass not only brightens up marketplaces while protecting the items within, but also saves lives. In these trying times, let us take all the precautions we can to make the world a better place. A safer place. The only way to achieve it is by living in harmony and discipline. Stay informed of the latest developments in whichever way you can. Wear facemasks, and wash your hands regularly, even if you went to pick up some groceries from a market with sneeze guards installed. We can pull through this. Buy safe, stay safe.