3 Services Offered by Stucco Contractors


A lot of people out there may be unfamiliar with stucco in the sense that they can’t identify what it is and how it’s made. Though if you showed someone a picture of any one of the tens of millions of homes that use stucco to coat them and to protect the exteriors, they would instantly recognize it as one of the most popular substances used in the construction of homes. By and large, stucco contractors are the company that sends people in to do this work. While amateurs can undoubtedly install this type of plaster, the fact is that it’s far and away more of a widespread application in the commercial market, mostly handled by the professionals.

Though some people out there considering a quality stucco company may be asking an important question: What, exactly, does a quality contractor offer me? This question is what we’re going to dive into here. We’re going to cover the top three things this sort of contractor can provide you with in terms of services, and you will likely end up seeing just how invaluable these few services can be.

Top 3 Services Offered by a Quality Stucco Company

Stucco Finishes

The first thing quality stucco contractors can offer you is applying the stucco in the first place. Like mentioned briefly above, this is something that can technically be done by amateurs, but it is a very involved process. You have to apply mesh, and a scratch coat, and then a brown coat, and there’s so much to do in between and in preparing the surface to accept the material so that it hardens correctly without cracking and provides a shell-like layer of protection. And that’s not even getting into properly smoothing the surface out and then using the specialized tools to texture it. It’s a very complex process. A quality contractor, even if they’re only repairing certain areas and not applying stucco to the entire home, still specializes in this skill.

Roofline showing windows, brick stones, gutter, soffit, stucco against blue sky

Stucco and Molding Repair

Repairs are always a massive deal with dealing with stucco. We illustrated above just how complicated this can get, especially if they have to replace entire areas of the plaster material down to the base of the house’s outer material (plywood or a concrete coat). Though you also have molding to consider. The plaster is most likely to be damaged here, as you’re dealing with a lot of edges and corners. Because of the geometry of the area, it makes it a far more difficult repair for amateurs than when dealing with a crack on the flat side of the home. So contractors can send specialists who know exactly what they’re doing, which is definitely a solid service offered to homeowners.

Stucco Painting

Some people think that painting their plaster is as easy as buying any old high-gloss house paint from the store and applying it to the surface with a basic roller. These people end up doing a terrible job and having to redo it. One thing a quality contractor dealing with stucco can offer you is premium, professional painting. They know precisely what sort of outdoor acrylic paint to use, and they know how to apply it for an even coat that looks great and holds up very well. This knowledge is something that is really in high demand. Even if the stucco on the side of your house lasts a long time, the colours can fade and look ugly. Sprucing things up with a new coat of paint is a low-cost way to make the house stand out as brand new and appealing. It adds a lot of curb appeal and actual equity to the home. A contractor can provide a professional service here and do a great job.

These are just a few of the premium services that a qualified contractor can offer you who deals in stucco. As one of the most popular building materials out there, you will not be short of options from which to choose. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the best contractor if you want the best work done.