Seven Shocking Facts About Pro Plumbing Service


There are many tips and tricks by which a person can be astonished when it comes to plumbing services. When plumbers are discussed, they will come to complete their work and would leave just after doing it. It has been seen that not a single one would let you know how it is done. For this reason, it is important to know a few facts that might change the way you think plumbing. These include facts that are being updated annually to the facts that have been found 4,500 years ago. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through seven shocking facts about pro plumbing service.

A company that provides plumbing repair services in Tulsa, Oklahoma once received a phone call to rescue a restaurant from a mass sewer line backup. If not fixed quickly, the entire  restaurant would be flooded with raw sewage. Luckily, the plumbers found the problem. A child flushed four Thomas the Train toys down the toilet and they lodged in the main sewer line, backing up the entire system

Famous plumbers

A very popular game in which two brothers were Mario and Luigi, many know that they were plumber themselves. He is was given this title because every game scene mostly occurred under the ground in the sewers. Moreover, Albert Einstein also shows is a desire to become a plumber if he wasn’t a physicist.

Leaky Taps

Water dripping is not taken seriously but one doesn’t realize how much water he is wasting annually. It has been estimated that any plumbing appliance can lead to 3,000 gallons being wasted every year. Due to this reason, it has been suggested to call local plumber as soon as one notices leaky faucets.

Super bowl flush

It is a phenomenon that as caused during football matches. Mostly fans the washroom at the halftime or after the game. Due to these reasons many sewer systems witness a drop in water levels which make the water being pulled from reservoirs at the same time in order to refill the toilet bowls everywhere.

The longevity of copper piping

It is said that in 1994 archeologists during an excavation of 4,500 old pyramids found the remains of a copper plumbing system. It is believed that it was used to drain the water out of the tomb which used to clean statues. It was also noted that the condition of the pyramid was not up to the mark but however the condition of copper pipes was in good condition. Hot water

Hot water can surely be one of the most dangerous elements whenever a home is discussed. It has been reported that roughly around 3,800 injuries occur annually just because of scalding from the hot tap water. It roughly takes 2 seconds to burn your skin when the temperature is about 150 degrees and around 6 seconds when it is on 140 degrees.

Consumption of water

As discussed earlier, one doesn’t realize how much water thy waste until it is jotted down in figures. It has been estimated that 36 gallons of water are used for bathtubs alone. If one has to discuss shower then it is safe to conclude that roughly around 2-5 gallons are needed every minute passing in the shower.

The direction which the toilet flush flows

This might sound crazy but have you ever wondered which direction does the toilet really flush? It is not confirmed but it is a myth that in the southern hemisphere when an individual flushes a toilet then the water swirls all the way down in the pipes in the totally opposite direction. Many people consider this effect and believe this to be a part of gravity. In reality, it all depends upon the direction of the bowls rim jets.