Microwave Convection and Grill Which Is Better?


We are used to using microwaves to heat and defrost. We rarely cook in them, although some simple boiled dishes or cereals can be done in them. If you want the microwave to become a complete cooking tool, purchase a microwave with grill and convection.

Equipped with such functions, the model approaches functionality in the oven. Stew, bake and even fry in it. In small kitchens, with an extreme shortage of space, it can replace the oven. What a microwave with grill and convection is capable of, read in our detailed review.

What is convection?

The best convection microwave provides uniform heat treatment of food at high temperatures. When the mode starts, intense hot air starts to work, which helps to speed up cooking several times.

A convector is an annular heater that manufacturers install in the back or top wall. In order for heated air to move throughout the chamber, one or more fans are used.

This technical solution allows food to be evenly fried and baked. The temperature during convection in the microwave oven can rise to around 200 ° C. In order to prevent the microwave from overheating, sensors are installed that turn off the device when the set temperature is reached. The same sensors turn on the convector when the temperature drops below the set level.


With the help of hot air, many dishes are prepared. The function allows you to bake and stew meat, fish and vegetables, cook soups and side dishes. However, in a convection microwave oven, baking is best. In a model with this mode, pies, muffins and cakes are obtained, as in an oven.

Convection can save you a lot of time. The appliance heats up and reaches the desired temperature in minutes. The dish is cooked quickly, and due to the uniform air circulation does not burn. Using a combination of grill and convection, you can bake meat with a crispy crust.

How to use convection mode?

Before you start cooking, be sure to take note of several important nuances.

Use the preheat option found in modern technology. Set 150 ° C and after 10 minutes of waiting put the dish inside the chamber.

For convection mode only heat-resistant cookware is suitable. Recommended materials: glass, clay, ceramics and silicone. During convection, the microwave oven heats up to 200 ° C; therefore, heat-resistant plastic is not suitable for use.

Supplied with lattices on legs come with modernized models – use them so that food is baked evenly from all sides.

It is better to cook in small volumes. If the dish can be prepared in portions, take this opportunity. So, it is advisable to bake a layered cake not whole, but alternately, one cake each.

Grill and its types

The microwave grill is represented by two types of models: heating elements and quartz.

TEN is a tubular heating element. In a microwave oven, it is a metal tube with a conductive thread, which is installed at the rear or upper wall of the chamber.

TENovy grill – simple in execution and budget option. There are models with a moving heater. It can be placed at an angle or vertically, which allows you to bake and fry food in different positions. In addition to expanding cooking capabilities, the movable heating element facilitates operation and cleaning. You can find microwaves with a lower heating element that complements the upper grill.

The quartz grill is equipped with a compact infrared lamp. The heating element does not occupy the chamber space, because it is located behind a metal grill in the upper wall of the chamber. In addition to space, he also saves electricity. Roasting in such ovens is more delicate, and the food does not burn. However, the power is inferior to the heating element.

Features and Functions

The microwave grill function allows you to make barbecue, bake chicken and cook a crispy side dish. In just a couple of minutes, you get great sandwiches and toasts. The mode combined with convection will make it possible to fry food, as in the oven, and with a golden crust.

How to use a microwave grill?

Just start the corresponding mode on the microwave in the control panel. In the kit you will find all the necessary accessories: grill, pan, removable skewer. Keep in mind a few important things.

Cook in small portions.

Break the cycle into several segments and turn the products over in breaks so that everything is well-fried.

Place food on a wire rack. Place a plate with sides under it. Juice will drain onto the installed pan.

When making toasts and sandwiches, place paper napkins under the bread to prevent the food from drying out.

The microwave grill mode requires prompt cleaning. Do not let the juices and fat freeze – clean them on time with paper towels.

Pros and cons


Equipped with grill and convection functions, the stove can be an alternative to the oven, although it does not completely replace it.

A microwave takes up less space than an oven; it’s easier to wash and keep clean. With the modes described in the material, there are both built-in and stand-alone models.

Compared with a stove, the cooking speed in a microwave oven with convection and grill functions is almost twice as high. On the cake, which will be cooked in the oven for about 45 minutes, it will take 20 in the microwave.


An additional area is needed for the fan and grill, so the upgraded microwave ovens are bulky and weigh more than conventional ones.

If you actively use convection and grill, you will soon notice that you are giving away more energy for electricity. In addition, this technique is more expensive.

If you have an oven and do not need to cook in large quantities, then additional modes may not be in demand, and you will only heat and defrost food, as in the best convection microwave.