Eight Steps Governing Generator Maintenance in Industry


Technology has done marvels and wonders to bring the world into a new era. Many operations around the globe get fuelled by these inventions, and businesses are bringing their dreams to life.

A generator is one most essential equipment and serves for multiple purposes both in industrial and commercial sites. For instance, it provides emergency power for your residences and supplies enough power to remote areas as well. The best thing about generators is that it reduces the electricity cost and you can use it for other productive purposes.

That’s why; the proper maintenance of the generator is quite imperative to assure that the equipment performs efficiently and for a longer time.

You can follow these eight carefully designed steps if you truly want to make the most of your generator investment in its most exceptional condition.


If your diesel generator functions for a longer time, you must adequately check its DC electric system, fuel, and exhaust system.  It is essential to check if the engine is leaking or not because even a minor leakage could be hazardous for your life.

Additionally, remember the oil change time because it should be changed more often. Follow the proper tips and guidelines before changing the oil of generators. For instance, for a small gas generator, consider changing the oil after 50 hours, whereas, for the large diesel generator, you must change it after 500 hours. Any delay can adversely affect the performance of the generator, so avoid unnecessary holdups.


Before you shut down the engine, properly check the engine oil with the help of a dipstick. The oil of the engine must be drained back into the crankcase. However, for the proper API classification of engine oil, it is strongly recommended to follow all the instructions and guidelines given by the engine manufacturer. Use the top quality oil for the fantastic performance, and the oil level must be near to the full mark. Must ensure thorough research of the market and retailers to see all the latest and advance models. For instance, you can visit roohome.com  if you want to buy a premium quality generator for you and carry out the operations fearless.


Your generator can never perform well if the engine heats-up. So, you have to properly check the generator’s coolant level before you shut it down. For this purpose, it is preferable to remove the radiator cap for effective working. This way, the engine starts cooling down in less time.

You can use a soft brush to remove dirt particles from the radiant, but make sure that the cleaning process doesn’t harm the fins.


It could be harmful to the generator if you have replaced the fuel for six months. If you want to avoid any obnoxious occurrence, it is better to test the engine and prioritize fuel polishing regularly. Additionally, please don’t overlook the regular maintenance. You have to check the starting system, coolant level, oil level, and fuel system, etc. you need to inspect the cooling plant pipes and adequately clean the dirt, dust, and debris. If you have noticed any crack or leakage in the pipeline, take immediate action, and fix it as soon as possible. The unawareness may cause blockage of fins.


The selection of weak quality batteries is the primary cause of the inefficient performance of your standby power system. But the premium quality battery can create a similar issue if you haven’t charged it properly. That’s why; give proper time to your battery so that it may get charged adequately. The undercharged battery can never perform well for a longer time. Moreover, check the current status of the battery and get it inspected every other day. If the electrolyte level of the battery is low, then it will never work effectively. Keep in mind all such points to avoid any significant loss.  Accurately check the size and other features of the battery, and then choose the one that is perfect for your generator.


A well-lubricated engine can only stay maintained when used regularly. If you have not used a generator for an extended period, then it can deteriorate the fuel. So, we strongly recommend you to prefer the engine exercise once a month. The practice should be continued from twenty to thirty minutes for competent performance.


You don’t need to have the expertise to identify the oil drips and other significant issues on the generator. So, never neglect such issues and competently clean the generators. Be vigilant during the inspection and check if the belts and hoses are in their excellent condition or not.


If you have noticed any leakage in the exhaust system that mostly occurs at the connecting point, hire the professional technician, and repair it without wasting your time. Avoid fixing the issues at home as you can’t manage it.


So, did you find the tips mentioned above useful and worth considering? If so, you must follow them sincerely for the perfect performance and long life of the generator.