3 Secrets Window Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Construction worker installing window in house

Everyone wants a home with plenty of natural light, which means that your windows add intrinsic value to your home. While most homeowners are aware of this fact, far fewer know enough about windows to make informed decisions about updating and maintaining theirs. If you are thinking about windows and window replacement, then you need to be educated. Here are three critical secrets about the process that window manufacturers do not want you to know.

You Can Improve Your Current Windows First

If your windows are old, then you are probably starting to think about replacing them. Maybe the frames no longer fit correctly. Perhaps some are broken. You could even feel air escaping around them during temperate changes. While all of these issues can and should receive prompt addressing, do not let window manufacturers or sales people fool you. You may not need to replace your windows. Instead, you might be able to fix and improve the windows you currently have.

First, you have to assess your windows. If you have wood windows, repair may actually be worth recommending. It is relatively easy to repair rotted trim, and you can fix window framing with proper support and tools. You can refurbish windows that leak air with new weather stripping and updated casing. You can replace broken panes, and cosmetic paint and finishes are easy enough to implement. This work is not free, but it is often substantially more affordable than replacing your windows entirely. Repair is not the best choice in every situation, but you should definitely explore it before you take the plunge and buy new ones entirely.

You Probably Don’t Need the Most Expensive Windows

When you first go window shopping, you are likely to be in for some sticker shock. There is no doubt about the fact that windows can be costly. If you are looking to update more than one window, the price can quickly skyrocket. Indeed, some of this cost is unavoidable, but be wary of the upsell. The simple truth is that you probably do not need the most expensive windows in the store. The salesman will try to convince you otherwise but learn the facts first.

Window technology has come a long way in recent years. That means that even lower quality windows are going to perform better than many older models. If your windows are from 20 or 30 years ago, then anything you buy is probably going to be an improvement. Be smart about what you need from your window. In many cases, you are going to be perfectly fine buying a double-pane window. The only reason to upgrade to a triple-pane window is if you live in a freezing climate or you live in an area with a lot of exterior noise pollution. In general, the insulation you will get from a standard double-pane window will be just fine.

Worker is installing a window sill on a polyurethane foam.

You Are Unlikely to See Substantial Changes in Your Energy Bills

As you shop for windows, you are likely to be attracted to options that feature energy efficiency. Looking to reduce your energy usage is important. It is a good idea to focus on lowering your environmental impact. However, do not necessarily expect such an investment to pay for itself. While you may see some improvement in your overall energy consumption, it is not likely that your energy bills will go down dramatically from a few new windows.

Obviously, this depends on the quality of your old windows as well, but you should not go into the purchase thinking that you will see significant savings. While the savings may be mild or moderate, you should buy new windows based on other factors instead. Having the right mindset can make investing in windows and window replacement that much easier.

Make the Choice to Repair or Replace Your Windows

Thinking about windows and window replacement can be quite overwhelming for the average homeowner. That is why it is imperative to keep these secrets in mind. With this critical knowledge, you should be able to navigate the process more clearly, which will help you make the best decision possible for your home and your windows.