5 Tips on How to Pack a TV for Moving


From the chunky models of yesteryears, the modern television is now a sleek unit with advanced features and capabilities beyond the traditional usage.

They’ve gotten lighter and slimmer, and while they boast larger displays, modern sets don’t really require two people to haul them around.

However, just like their predecessors, the modern television remains a fragile piece of equipment and even advancements in technology have not managed to change that fact.

In fact, flat screen TVs can be worse. A simple nudge will topple them over, and their thinner screens cannot compare to the old CRT versions in terms of toughness.

That means if you are moving, you need to be extra careful with your tele to avoid any accidental damages.

If you are entrusting the packing with Alaska movers, be it local or long distance movers such as muval, then there’s probably no need to read beyond this point. But if you plan to DIY, we have some helpful tips to guide you when packing your TV for a move.

Unplug the cords and accessories (consider taking photos)

The proper way to transport your TV is with all external cords and accessories disconnected.

Some people are tempted to skirt this part because it’s either too much hassle or don’t want to forget which cables link to which ports, especially with the other devices hooked to the TV – the DVD player, sound system, game console, antenna and so on.

If you think reconnecting everything might be a problem, take some pics with your phone or tablet (print them if you have to).

Pack the TV with the remote and power cord

It is not uncommon to get to your new address only to find you cannot locate the remote controller or power cord.

To avoid the frustrating experience of ransacking every single box, do yourself a favor and stash these in the TV box.

A sharpie should prove useful

Being a sensitive device, you need to be aware of how your TV is oriented in the box and which side is the most delicate. This mostly applies when you don’t have the original TV box with you.

Go ahead and label the TOP and FRONT (or SCREEN) of the TV. When moving multiple TVs, label each accordingly. For example, “Living room TV”, “Bedroom TV” etc.

Position the tele strategically

The packed TV box should be positioned upright as opposed to lying it on its back or front.

Don’t place anything on top of the TV box, and if possible, snuggle it between the other boxes so it doesn’t wobble on transit. Just make sure it’s not too tightly squeezed in between.

Humidity is a factor

When packing your TV for long-term storage or moving it long-distance, don’t forget to consider humidity and how it might affect your electronics in general.

A good way to fend off humidity is to place silica gel pockets around the TV before you wrap it. These help soak in any moisture that could penetrate the box when the TV spends too much time in the box.

And with that, we hope that’s one moving headache made easier.