Tips to Get Pests Away from Your Car


No one loves encountering insects or pests inside their cars; it shows an element of unhygienic levels on the side of the car owner. Mind you, people use their cars for many different things; driving, others use their car space to eat, drink, store different things, and so forth.

Inevitably, there’ll be spillage and scattering of food craps that will invite unwanted pests to your car. So what is that that attracts these pests to your car?

What attracts pests to your vehicle?

  • Weather

If the weather conditions in your car are suitable, this will naturally invite pests. Some pests prefer cool temperatures so when the weather turns warm they seek out other homes. Adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall will attract spiders as it’s easy for them to slip inside.

If you sight spider webs in your car then it is a sign that you have a spider infestation. They hide especially in corners, around your engine, dashboard, and other places.

  • Food Sources

Eating in the car while in traffic or taking drinks and spilling some by mistake will get you cockroaches and ants. These insects know how to navigate through the tiniest holes and gaps. Regularly clean your car to prevent an infestation.

  • Leaving Openings

Forgetting to leave your window rolled up could potentially lead to your car housing a pest. Pests though can still find a way into your car through various holes. Always check your car for pests like rodents and rats.

  • Good Living Conditions

Rodents love the dark warm areas of your car. They can conceal themselves and live inside without your knowledge. You might only find out when you smell a foul scent when they are dead.

Rodents are particularly bad as they can damage the electrical wiring, rip out insulation, and damage your car seats.

Types of pest to look for in your car

  • Ants

Food craps attract ants; the sight of roaming ants all over your car is certainly pleasant. To get rid of these ants then you should probably stop snacking in the car. But if this is hard then a regular car clean gets the food scraps off your carpet.

  • Cockroach

Cockroaches are good at sneaking into spaces they sense there is food. They can squeeze through vents and spaces around the vehicle. To get rid of cockroaches you have to ensure that all windows are tightly locked and so regular cleaning of the vehicle.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be annoying and distracting to any driver. That buzzing sound is irritating and added by the fact that they are difficult to expel. You want to leave your windows closed so they do not enter.

Best control tips to get pest of your car

  • Fix all broken windows or doors. Leave no opening as this is where the insects get in from.
  • Before you exit your vehicle ensure that all windows are tightly locked.
  • If possible avoid eating in your car. But if this is not an option for you then do regular cleaning with a vacuum and anti-bacterial spray.
  • Park your car in designated parking areas. Parking your car in thick bushy areas unattended for long periods increases the chances of pests making your vehicle their home.

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How to get rid of pests from your car

Vacuum your car

Vacuuming will deal with several pest- related issues all at the same time. The tiny eggs or carcasses that might have been hidden can all be eliminated.

Use pest-specific chemicals

If there is a specific pest you are targeting then you can purchase a synthetic spray that will effectively deal with the pest eliminating it instantly.

Wash the floor mats

The fabric on the floor mats provides the best conditions to lay eggs. Pests can also hide under these mats and washing ensures that the eggs that might have been leftover while vacuum cleaning is eliminated.

Wash the car’s exterior

Pests can get clingy and hang on the exterior of your car. You can take your car to the car wash for an exterior wash or wash it yourself by hand.