Fixing and Repairing Your Valparaiso IN Air Duct and Cooling Units



If a duct system is damaged, the energy efficiency of the air conditioner is reduced greatly. And if it is greatly damaged, you’ll lose energy that will cost you more than the materials you need to fix the problem. In this article, we are going to guide you through how you can fix this by yourself and when to call an expert.

Flex Ducts

An exposed AC duct collar can be revealed after an inspection. This is because the insulation and outer liner have been forced away from the collar. And it can reduce how efficient the system is.

Before you start repairing, put on some gloves, a dust mask, and eye protection. Once you have done that, you can begin by placing a hanger strap beside the slipping connection. Add more straps around the duct run. Cut the strap with pliers or wire cutters. Remove the insulation from the connection and make adjustments to the outer liner so that it covers the insulation properly.

Apply some mastic to the edge of the outer layer. Press the material and connection together till the connection is sealed. Keep it in place using a duct strap, then cover the joint’s surface using mastic.

Another type of damage that your air conditioning duct may be having is called a torn flex. You can fix it by doing the following…

Close the middle of the rip using some duct tape. Seal each side, beginning at the middle and working your way out. Apply a piece of mesh over it then cover the mesh using mastic. Click here for more information on how to fix your air conditioning duct.

Fiberglass Duct Board

This type rarely requires any repair. But even though it can withstand some abuse, if it’s exposed to a lot of moisture for a while, the fiberglass will be destroyed. Damp sections of it will normally dry without problems, but technicians recommend replacing the duct board.

Since the layer of fiberglass absorbs water, you will need to drain it. Place a bowl or bucket underneath the duct. Then make a small opening in the outer liner of the duct’s foil using a screwdriver. Leave the bucket or bowl beneath it till the dripping stops. Push a knife blade into the duct so that you can cut out the damp area.

Next, you need to create a patch to replace it. Do this by measuring the cut opening and using the measurements to cut out a patch from a new board. Once you have cut out a patch, press it into the hole till it sits well on the surface. Put some tape on the seam and press it using a squeegee. Cover the tape with some mesh then coat it with mastic. If you find this repair too complicated, you can check out Apex Heating and Cooling to learn how to get professionals to do it for you.

Sheet Metal

This type is used by people who live in the northern climates. The heat that radiates from them helps keep the floor warm. And after a while, the heated air escapes when the sealant loosens up.

To fix this, start by loosening the duct enough so that you can examine the joint. This leak type normally just needs an additional sealant; but you should still expose any large gaps and inspect them. If an S-lock that was installed the wrong way is the cause of the gap, take the joint apart and reconnect it the right way.

Cut the mastic from the joint using a utility knife. Take out any screws that are holding the lock in. Straighten each of the tabs which are at the ends of the two drives and take them out of the joint. Then detach the joint. Tension usually prevents it from being completely separated. Slip out the previous S-lock. Using a screwdriver, open the lock and put it back in place. The flattened metal on the end of each duct should be able to fit into the gap you created in the lock with the screwdriver. Using a hammer, fit the drives back.

Seal the joint using mastic. You can do this with a paintbrush. But do note that there is a special mastic designed only for these types of ducts.


So those are the steps you need to follow to fix different air conditioning duct types. If you don’t feel comfortable about conducting the repair yourself, you can hire someone else to do it for you.