CNC Wood Router: Why Replace Your Manual Router With a CNC Model?


You’re probably a woodworker, and you have a wood workshop. If so, you have to use different types of routers to cut wood in the workshop. But if you are using a manual router even now, then we think it’s high time to change your old manual router and get a CNC Wood Router.

This is very natural to come to this question into your mind: Why should youreplace your manual router with a CNC model?

Look, if you want to be one step ahead in this competitive market, you must complete your work perfectly and in time. But the manual router is not capable of cutting woods precisely and swiftly.

On the contrary,CNC routers can accomplish what manual routers can’t. They can make delicate, accurate cuts at a fast rate of speed by using computer-controlled cutter heads to mold and cut wood.

A computer-controlled router’s capacity to cut complicated shapes is its main selling feature, but it isn’t the only one. Here, we are describing the other key selling aspects so that you can understand the importance of the CNC router.

Automation systems

When you have a manual router, then you need to complete all duties manually in manual mode, and at least one person must constantly be present near the machine. But in the case of CNC Wood Router, it works in the automated process. However, once you’ve set up and started the CNC, it’ll take care of the rest.

Capacity to Cut Difficult Designs

A computer-controlled router has many axes which can cut elaborate shapes that were previously carved by hand. Traditional routers can’t make complicated cuts since they don’t have numerous axes. Fine furniture makers and other fine wood product makers value CNC routers’ ability to cut complicated shapes.

Ability to quickly produce large pieces

CNC routers are frequently praised for their ability to generate small, detailed patterns quickly. They can, however, manufacture huge designs (such as stair risers) soon if they have a large cutting table.

A CNC wood router could assist you in enhancing your production rate if you utilize a router to make large, non-intricate components.Switching from standard to computer-controlled machinery is frequently motivated by the requirement to satisfy rising product demand.

Excellent repeatability

Traditional routers will provide youwith a high level of reproducibility in small batches. On the other hand,human error can affect repeatability in big runs.

The repeatability of a CNC wood router across large production runs can save significant money for woodworking companies that produce a high volume of routed components by decreasing waste pieces caused by human mistakes.

Quick Training

It may take years to become an expert operator of a manual router, yet just months to become an expert CNC router operator.

The training schedule is mainly focused on because the operator controls the router via a computer interface. Many CNC operators get some of their instruction from interactive online classes.

A Single Operator Can operate multiple Routers

CNC technology allows a single operator to handle several CNC routers because it can be programmed to conduct enormous production runs.

Standard routers, on the other hand, necessitate regular operator attention. CNC machines’ automated work processes can help businesses save money by lowering the number of their workforce.

Reduce Injury Risk

Those machines that are controlled manually are not as safe to operate as machines that are controlled by a computer.

CNC router operators, unlike traditional router operators, control the router’s activities using a computer interface. This reduces the risk of harm and, as a result, the likelihood of workers’ compensation claims.

Work with Different Materials

Some CNC routers are used to cut up to 30 different materials, including wood, steel, foam, plastic, acrylic, and other materials, which is totally a challenging task for manual routers.

CNC router machines are suitable for individuals who need to cut a single design multiple times and may be left unattended to keep the manufacturing line running.

Reduce waste quantity

While using manual cutting machines, many mistakes often occur, which can cause money waste on unused materials. But As CNC routers are computer-controlled, they can readily eliminate waste caused by human error by making thousands of identical components with no waste.

Capable of increase productivity

CNC technology allows manufacturers to speed up the manufacturing process and complete high-quality items in less time. Workshops with CNC equipment can cut work time from hours to minutes.

The computer output of a CNC machine can theoretically handle the workload of five personnel at once.

So, it is pretty clear that using a CNC model can lift your productivity more than a manual wood router.Among many other companies out on the market, the Elephant CNC is the most popular manufacturer that produces modern laser machines.

Final Thoughts

The majority of CNC routers cost more than traditional routers. However, when you consider the advantages outlined above, they can help you save money more than standard routers. Traditional routers have a lower resale value than these.

You can consult a vendor of new and used industrial wooing machines to learn more about the advantages of replacing a regular woodworking machine with a CNC Wood Router.

If you like, you can purchase a laser cutting machine with CNC for your workshop to increase productivity. Although both are cutter, there are differences in their work.

A laser cutter can quickly slice, mark, or engrave materials like wood, acrylic, and metal by producing a focused beam of light through a moving head, which is thinner than 20 mm.  A well-known brand of laser cutter is DXTECH.