Mistakes to Avoid During Air Conditioning Installation Lake Zurich, IL!


Investing in a new air conditioning system can be a rare occurrence for many homeowners, and they may know nothing about the whole installation process. This is the reason, the homeowners place their trust in the professionals of air conditioning installation Lake Zurich, IL, for better work so that they enjoy the promised comfort and energy efficiency.

In some cases, homeowners do not get what they pay for, as the system fails to fulfill its promises. It can be because of many reasons like honest mistakes or the contractors cutting the corners so that the system’s initial cost is kept low. But no matter what, in the end, the consumer is left to struggle with the burden of repairs, for they will have to look for other contractors to correct the mistakes. If you do not want to end up struggling with system failures and repairs, then the only option and solution is to get in touch with the best and experienced professionals of air conditioning installation Lake Zurich, IL.

Mistakes and Shortcuts of AC Installation

When it comes to investing and installation in a new air conditioner system, homeowners often become price sensitive. They look for offers that cost the cheapest. This is where most of the repairs and mistakes occur. In order to keep the pricing bid low, many contractors lookout for shortcuts like improper brazing and vacuum practices, improperly sized equipment, improper condensate drainage, inadequate airflow, and so on.

Although the contractors will charge you 30-50% less for the installation process, you will definitely end up spending double, because you will have to redo the entire process from the start.

When you hire the right team, you can easily avoid issues and repairs.  They will make sure your system is properly designed for your house interiors and also advise on many things related to air conditioners.

Installing the Outdoor Unit in the Wrong Spot

The outdoor unit is the one where all the magic happens. If you want to experience the magic, then you will have to ensure the unit is fixed in its right spot.

The following are a few things that must be kept in mind while choosing the right place for your outdoor unit. They are as follows.

  • Free from dirt and dust – Make sure the spot is not exposed to a high level of dirt and dust. This will prevent the filters from clogging and assure smooth and easy system operation.
  • Good airflow – The outdoor unit must have good space for smooth and efficient operation. The heat generated by the unit needs space for it to escape freely.
  • Shaded – Placing the unit under direct sunlight will have a huge effect and can also raise the indoor temperature. It will also very soon lead to damage and repair. Hence, one must take note to keep the indoor unit in a shaded place to avoid all kinds of damages and repairs.

Electrical Wiring Faults

The air conditioner is not just about ducts, tubes, and refrigerants. They are also closely connected to electrical wirings so that it operates properly.

Any issue with the electrical wiring, even if it is a minor one, like poor workmanship or oversights, can have a drastic effect on the air conditioner and can lead to cooling problems.

Electrical wiring is not taken seriously by many installers and they have a very basic understanding of it. Because of this, problems related to wires are often ignored, which then in a later stage takes a bad shape.

Ignoring system design is also one of the most common problems that take place during the installation process. The volume of the room is not the only factor that must be given importance, as the installer must also look out for other factors like ventilation appliances, room orientation, insulation quality, airflow, windows, and more. These factors if ignored could impact the performance of the system, thereby resulting in poor air conditioner performance.

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