What Happens When You Get Your Ducts Cleaned?


We all focus on maintaining our homes in pristine & stunning state with the help of regular cleaning, interior design and what not; but what if this beautiful well maintained home has air pollutants that can be of threat to health of your entire family? The damage unclean air ducts cause can be permanent. So as to avoid these health hazards, availing help from professional duct cleaner in Melbourne is vital.

Air duct is that part of your heating & cooling system which is often overlooked; In fact most homeowners would even maintain it until there’s a breakdown. Duct cleaning is basically cleaning of heating & cooling system, heating & cooling coils, components of forced air system, fan motor and air handling unit. The cleaning process hardly takes 4-5 hours and should be done once every year for a hygienic environment at home.

What’s lurking in your air duct?

Prior to understanding the significance of duct cleaning it is essential to know what’s been lurking in your air duct. Air duct act as an air filter and can have multiple contaminants namely:

Dust & dirt- dust not only comes from the outdoors but also gets accumulated in your heating & cooling system due to vacuuming & dusting at home.

Allergens- germs & pollens from outdoors also settle in the air duct; at times these germs automatically develop in the air duct due to dust & moisture.

Pet dander- If you have pets indoors your air duct might have pet dander/hair. This can only be treated by trained duct cleaner Melbourne.

Dust mites- dust & dampness in the air duct can lead to growth & development of dust mites in the air duct.

Mold & mildew- condensation in air ducts can trigger mold & mildew growth; which releases spores that cause allergies.

Pest’s remains– If you have pests at home they are likely to infest the air ducts in your house. Also pets like rodents & lizards often get trapped in air ducts & die there.

The air in your home is circulated through the air duct and it is the same air your family breathes so indisputably you would want it to be clean & safe for consumption. These contaminants lurking in your duct can evidently generate an unfavorable environment which does not bode well for any living being in your home.

Benefits of duct cleaning-

Removal of contaminants from the ductwork serves countless benefits to homeowners. Top five benefits include:

Cleaner air- ducts act as air filters in your home hence it is essential to get them professionally cleaned for cleaner air in your household. Cleaning eliminates all the dust, dirt, soils and pet dander accumulated in air ducts and also restricts growth of microbes that can be a potential threat to life & property.

Eradicates microbes & allergens- Professionals efficiently clean the duct work and eradicate existing microbes like mold, mildew, dust mites, allergens etc. people sensitive to air borne diseases are likely to face health hazards by breathing air contaminated by such microbes. Professional duct cleaners in Melbourne can eliminate these allergens appropriately; thus reducing health risks like sinusitis, throat allergies, itchy eyes, skin allergies, asthma etc

Improves air flow- dust dirt moisture & grease can get built up in air duct restricting smooth air flow from furnace & air conditioner. This can force the system to work harder in order to heat or cool your house. Duct cleaning can help remove all the accumulated heavy built-up; this facilitates efficient air flow through the house and heating & cooling to its peak efficiency.

Eliminates odor- an unclean air duct may have trapped dead animal carcasses, dust & dirt; these combined with humidity can lead to spread of unpleasant odor all over the house. Besides this pets, cleaning agents, paint fumes, mold growth, food preparations etc can also lead to the development of foul smell in air ducts. This odor flow throughout the house when the furnace or air conditioner is running; hence to get rid of unwanted odor it is crucial to get help from professional duct cleaners in Melbourne.

Facilitates easy breathing– Air duct cleaning promotes well being as it ensures flow of cleaner air throughout the house. Ductwork cleaning is important as even the healthiest of human beings is likely to suffer from sinusitis, coughing, sneezing & other allergies due to constant exposure to unclean air. Especially at home where we spend most of our time, having a cleaner environment is highly necessary.

Is it time to clean the air ducts in my home?

It is very essential to know when to get your ductwork cleaned by professionals. Timely assessment will help you identify if your duct need cleaning. If you notice the following signs you need duct cleaning:

 Visible mold growth on the surface of heating or cooling system

 Pest infestation in ducts or rodent remains

 Putrid odor all over the house is also an indicator that you need to avail duct cleaning.

 Inefficient working of heating & cooling system and constant breakdown of duct can be due to unclean duct.

 Spread of skin allergies or sneezing & coughing.

Hiring professional duct cleaner Melbourne is the key-

Cleaning air ducts by yourself can be time consuming and not feasible; furthermore there is no guarantee for success or that the effect will last long. Air duct cleaning involves cleaning the blower & other parts of the system which can be only executed by professionals. Trained technicians successfully change filters in your duct so as to improve the air quality indoors. Besides professionals carry apt tools to perform the job efficiently; so for dynamic duct cleaning experience avail professional services without ado.

Duct cleaning may not be the priority when considering air quality indoors. And even though ductwork cleaning remains an underappreciated household chore it serves a myriad of health benefits along with decreasing the stress on unit & lowering energy consumption. You will be amazed at the difference in your lifestyle post cleaning.