Why Professional Mould Remediation is better than DIY Mould Removal?


Mould is a fungus that grows rapidly whenever the spores find a suitable place for themselves. This problem is majorly found in places where ventilation, sunlight and cleanliness are not sufficient. A moist carpet is vulnerable to fungal growth and can be hazardous for humans that stay close to the carpet. Now, there are two ways to remove the mould. One option is to book professional carpet cleaners and the second option is to implement DIY methods. When the problem is not severe, most people try to experiment with do it yourself techniques. But, are they effective? Look at the comparison between DIY hacks and professional methods in the below-given points to understand which one is better:

1. Professionals have appropriate equipment

Mould removal Melbourne experts have all the necessary equipment that are used in removing the fungus. Many people don’t have proper gear and tools at home. They try to touch the mould with bare hands. By doing so, they get skin infections and allergies. Many DIY tutorials suggest the use of bleach to remove the mould. Also, they tell people to scrub the carpet. The technicians also have tools to check the severity of mould and moisture present in the carpet.

It is just a waste of time because these methods are unsafe for the threads of the carpet. They are only going to make the situation worse. So, it is better to choose specialists for mould removal. There is also no need to put any additional effort in booking as everything can be done easily online.


2. Experts identify the cause

It is essential to determine the root cause of mould to treat this problem. The leakages of pipes, moisture from ceilings and walls, improper sunlight and airflow are some of the reasons that contribute to mould formation. While implementing DIY hacks, people are only fixing the problem temporarily. By selecting a reliable carpet cleaning company, you can get a long-lasting solution for the mould. The professionals discuss everything with the clients and even suggest some valuable preventive measures. When a person follows the tips suggested by experts, the results become sustainable.

3. Different and effective cleaning methods

DIY hacks are ineffective when comes to results. They take a lot of time to fix problems like stains and odour. There is no scope of waiting too much for mould removal. Mould spreads fast and affects the health quickly. Specialists utilise methods like carpet steam cleaning Melbourne, hot water extraction and dry cleaning to destroy the mould and spores to receive great results. The technicians prefer those methods that utilise less water and time. They also ensure that the carpet is dried properly after cleaning.

4. Experts have experience

Skills and experience gained due to years of work are two main reasons for hiring the experts. They understand the technicalities of carpet cleaning work. They determine the type of carpet, material and causes of mould spread. After complete analysis, they find out a solution that is safe for the carpet. As an unprofessional, the person can cause more damage to the carpet by choosing the wrong cleaning agents and scrubs. It is also very difficult to arrange all the things that are required to execute DIY hacks. If you have a busy schedule, then it is a wise idea to take help from professionals.

5. Professional cleaning is cost-effective

It is a belief among people that hiring professionals for carpet cleaning is expensive. But, they have to pay more if they don’t take cleaning service on time. The cleaning supplies and products available in retail shops are expensive and they don’t show good results. The speed of mould formation is fast and it can destroy the whole carpet within 72 hours. So, it is better to take carpet steam cleaning Melbourne than to spend a huge amount on carpet replacement. Day to day hospital bills can also be avoided by booking deep cleaning services at an affordable price.

6. Quick and guaranteed results

The chances of complete removal of mould using the simple self carpet cleaning ways are almost zero. Moulds microscopic organisms and can’t be seen with naked eyes. Normal cleaning may only show results on the surface. For in-depth cleaning till the padding, advanced cleaning procedures are required. Only professionals can help in getting rid of mould. They aim at providing the best results without letting their clients feel any type of problem.

7. Experts test the mould samples

It is essential to take samples and test the mould. For understanding the types of mould, its preferences, behaviour, and many other things, professionals do proper testing of a sample. People who love to self-clean the carpet can never treat the problem permanently because they have no idea about the behaviour of fungus and various products that are used to destroy it.

Wrapping up

The mould is more than ugly patches on the carpet. Mould destroys the carpet material and spread various types of diseases among people who touch the carpet. Kids playing on the carpet can get skin reactions and allergies. Being directly related to health, the negative consequences can be harsh for everyone. So, instead of relying on ineffective and time-consuming DIY hacks, contact the mould removal Melbourne experts. Experts take care of everything and deliver amazing results within a short duration.