4 Reasons You Need to Have Your Backflow Prevention Device Checked Annually


Drinking water is so important to our health which is why it’s vital that your water system is clean. No one wants to fill their glass with contaminated water because it can cause serious illnesses such as cholera. With that being said, having your backflow prevention device checked annually will ensure you have clean water throughout the year.

In today’s article, we’ll be going through why it’s important for you to have backflow testing done as there are many issues that can arise if you don’t. With backflow testing Melbourne residents can feel confident that they’re getting the best water available.

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1. Contaminated Water

The most important reason for you to have backflow testing done is the fact that you could have contaminated water. The idea of drinking contaminated water sounds disgusting but it can happen to any home or business owner.

Contaminated water is extremely dangerous because it can cause serious illnesses that could threaten your life. You may not notice that the water is contaminated because it looks clear but if you notice a foul rotten egg smell coming from the water you should avoid drinking it.

The contaminated water can make you extremely sick with:

  • Gastro
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramping

All of the above can be avoided if your backflow prevention device is check yearly by professional plumbers.

2. Expensive Recovery

If you get sick from contaminated water, you may have to spend money to recover from the illness you’ve contracted. Medication and hospital fees can be expensive if you don’t have health insurance. Getting sick also forces you to take time off work which can cause you to take unpaid leave if you don’t have sick days.

If your water does get contaminated, you will also have to pay for the repairs.

It can be an expensive repair as you would have to treat any contaminated water which will affect your monthly water bill. You may think that you can just leave the backflow testing for another time. However, in Australia it’s a requirement to have it checked every 12 months.

To prevent you and your family from serious illnesses caused by contaminated water call out a plumber every year to have your backflow prevent device checked.

3. Water Pressure Loss

Low water pressure can be frustrating especially when you’re trying to shower or fill your bath. But the cause of low water pressure could be the result of the following:

  • Pump failure
  • Lack of system maintenance
  • Line breaks
  • System malfunctions

Although a backflow prevention device can cause a slight change in water pressure you may need a pressure regulator to control your water pressure.

If you’re noticing a slight difference in water pressure, you can ask your plumber to check your plumbing system after checking the backflow prevention device. You can opt for a full inspection to fix any pumps or line breaks that occur.

4. You Need More Than a Water Filter

You may assume that a filter can stop your water from getting contaminated, but these fixtures don’t always work for severely contaminated water. Unfortunately, a water filter will not do the job alone which is why a backflow device is so important. It will ensure that your water runs clean every time.

A water filter is a device that acts as a barrier against water impurities but if it’s working on its own, contamination can still come through your taps. A backflow prevention device stops your main water supply from getting contaminated during a backflow.

With this device in place, you can rest assured that your main water supply is clean and completely safe to drink and shower or bath in.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone has the ability to access clean water, which is why if you’re able to, you should be doing everything possible to ensure the water is in fact clean. There are certain rules in place such as inspecting your backflow prevention device every year.

Of course, when it comes to the basic need of having clean water in our houses there are points that we have to be aware of to make sure we don’t get sick. It’s also advised to inspect your water regularly to ensure that it’s safe and clean to drink.

We hope this guide provided more information as to why you need your backflow prevention device checked every 12 months. Don’t take any risks with this as it can affect not only your bank account but also your health. Rather make sure you book your backflow testing appointment as soon as you can.

A professional plumber will do a thorough inspection to check if your backflow prevention valve is working correctly and that there are no damages.