What Is A Woman’s Favourite Flower? 10 Options!


What’s a woman’s favourite flower? You’re probably thinking it’s roses, right? Wrong! This is the query we are here to answer. There have been many studies done that show women prefer different flowers depending on their mood.

For example, if you want to give her something special for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then red roses would be perfect! But what about just any other day? What type of flowers does she like when she doesn’t know your plans but is in the mood for some love and affection? That’s where things get interesting. So, read along if you want to know what kind of flowers make any woman happy. You can also click here and let us help you pick one!


If you want to make any woman feel like a queen, give her an orchid. They come in various colours and shapes, from the very small ones that are measured in millimetres up to huge ones that can be over two meters tall! These unusual flowers send the message loudly and clearly: I value our relationship.

Orchids also express other emotions such as pride or elegance with their elegant petals curving inward while others have more upturned heads waiting for admiration – but all show off brilliantly rich vibrant hues against their dark green leaves, which contain water reservoirs, so they don’t need watering often even when it’s hot outside.


Roses express one of the strongest emotions on earth: love and come in different colours. Some have small blooms, while others open into large generous flowers. Roses are associated with love and desire, especially red roses, which symbolize a strong message like “I want you” or “you’re mine.”

The woman receiving this gift will automatically decode it as an expression of your feelings for her; she now knows what type of relationship you would like from her – if not through words, then certainly through actions! And when someone receives a rose on Valentine’s Day, there can be no other interpretation.


Tulips are also available in different shades of red and other vibrant colours. Tulips have a unique ability to survive the winter as bulbs before they burst into bloom during summer when you might spot them decorating fields with brilliant colour.

When someone gets flowers from their loved one consisting solely of these beautiful blooms, it is often meant as an expression that nothing could make them happier or more content than being together with the person who loves them unconditionally.


Carnations have a long and fascinating history. The word carnation derives from the Greek term “dianthus,” which means heavenly flower or flower of the gods! Carnations are usually associated with love; they can be used to express fancy, admiration – even for weddings. Their large petals bloom well in many circumstances where other flowers might not thrive! Click here to know more about carnations’ meaning and symbol.


Lilies are many women’s favourite flowers because of how exotic they look. Additionally, they communicate your deep love and admiration for your better half.

They usually have large multi-coloured petals, and they express beauty in an unusual way, with white as the dominant colour but red highlights too! You don’t need to be infatuated just for Valentine’s Day; lilies can help you say “I Love You” all year round.


The cheerful daisy is a sign of new beginnings and the everlasting love that surrounds us. This flower opens its petals at dawn, just as we begin our days with positive energy to get through whatever life has in store for us. And it closes when night falls–a reminder not only of what’s ahead but also how quickly time flies by.


The word ‘iris’ comes from a Greek word that means rainbow. Iris is a unique and beautiful flower that usually grows wild in the Northwest. They can be found as far north as Alaska, all across Western Canada, and into California. Irises are best known for their distinctive large petals of various colours on a single base (the ‘beard’), which resemble eyes.

When you want to let your wife know that she will never be alone, send the blue iris. This beautiful flower displays faith and hope in a delicate shade of sky-blue with golden highlights. As far as flowers go, it is quite simple, but its message does not need any more elaboration than “I believe in us.”


Amaryllis is known to flower even in the midst of drought and old age and has long been appreciated for its beauty. It is also said that wearing amaryllis flowers protects against illness and helps one avoid bad luck.

However, it seems that the amaryllis does not only have good looks and charm. It seems we can even eat its flowers as well. In Japan, people consider this plant a bonafide edible flower that has been cultivated for centuries in their home gardens. It is typically cooked with meat-based dishes. Amaryllis tells a woman that she has an elegant beauty, reflective of stars.


What can be more innocent than the fragrant purple petals of a lilac flower? The four-leaf clover is associated with luck, but this little plant has an additional association – innocence. It’s easy to see why; when you look at them, they seem too small and fragile for anything bad to happen.

With its sweet scent, pleasant flowers and delicate habit, it’s not hard to see why this plant was considered such a universal symbol of innocence in Victorian gardens.

Heather Lavender

This purple flower is often found on a stalk with multiple bell-shaped petals. In the olden days, heather lavender was used for perfumes and lining floors in winter or spring. It expresses admiration, beauty and protection, which lets your woman know her safety is your top priority.


Women tend to prefer flowers with a strong, sweet fragrance. Flowers that are in the colours red and purple also rank high on their list of favourites. Click here to know more about the significance of flowers and when to gift them.

For example, tulips have a pleasant aroma, and many types are available in shades of pink and white. Roses often come as part of a bouquet or arrangement for Valentine’s Day because they signify love and romance. Carnations can be purchased year-round at grocery stores due to their relatively low price point, but this doesn’t stop them from being one of the women’s top choices.