How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a window

As a home or business owner, it feels as though the work is never done. While you may have the privilege of owning your own property, the amount of upkeep that comes with it can sometimes feel overwhelming to tackle on your own. However, a well-maintained home or commercial property ensures that the structure remains sound while also offering a good first impression. Therefore, allowing cleanliness to fall to the side doesn’t feel like an option either!

Fortunately, when it comes to looking after the exterior of your home, you’re not on your own! There are many window and exterior cleaning companies, such as Cool Glass Window Cleaning, that are ready to offer their support, while giving you the confidence that the job is done well. But while sharing the load can feel like a relief, some may be concerned about the potential cost of asking for help. Fortunately, the price tag may not be as bad as you think! Let’s take a look at how much a window cleaning might cost.

How much does a window cleaning cost?

The cost of a window cleaning for your home or commercial property will largely depend on the size of the building. Naturally, the more windows there are to clean, the longer it will take to complete the cleaning, and thus, the more expensive the service will be. Competitive pricing will start around $120 for a small bungalow home and go up to $260 for a large two-storey.

However, some window cleaning companies may offer discount packages when you bundle a few of their services. This may save you time and money in the long run, as it would remove additional to-dos from your list.

What does a window cleaning entail?

Window cleaners will tackle both the interior and exterior sides of your windows, ensuring that there isn’t a speck of dirt in sight. In fact, you may even forget you have windows when a job has been done well enough! Reputable companies will also deep clean the window sills and frames, removing any dirt or grime packed onto them. Your windows are more than just the glass, so ensure the company you hire treats the whole window system with care.

Window cleaner cleaning window with squeegee and wiper on a sunny day with a bright blue sky.

Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?

Better Accessibility

If you live in a one-storey building, perhaps it may be easy for you to reach all your windows. But if you live in a two-storey or you own a high-rise building, then pulling out the wobbly ladder isn’t going to cut it. Professional window cleaners have all the equipment needed to perform the job safely and effectively, ensuring that every single window is scrubbed to perfection.

Discover Problems Early

It’s the job of a window cleaner to have specialized knowledge of windows. Therefore, they may be able to detect issues with your window, like loose casings, cracked windows, or rotting wooden sills, that you may not catch as quickly. By locating these concerns early on, you can take proactive steps to prevent further deterioration, thus protecting the integrity of your home and your wallet.

Eliminate Mould

Mould has a tendency to grow on the sills of our windows, which can be hard on our health. While homeowners may choose to clean their own windows, they’re likely not bothering with the sills and frames that surround the windows outside, thus leaving the mould to grow. By having a professional company come in, you can take comfort in the fact that they are eliminating all dirt, bacteria, mould, and other unwanted elements from your home.

Unfiltered Sunlight

Window cleaners are professionals for a reason. If you’re hoping for unmatched cleanliness that will allow sunlight to shine through your windows, then there’s no one better to turn to!