How Often Should The Gutters and Downspouts Be Cleaned in Chicago IL?


The gutter system needs regular maintenance to reliably protect the building from water. Revision and cleaning of the drainage system are not burdensome, but necessary. Otherwise, the service life of the gutters and downspouts will be significantly reduced.

How often do we need to do gutter cleaning in Chicago, IL?

The gutter must be cleaned twice a year, no matter you live in downtown, south, or north Chicago: in the spring, when the snow has melted, and in the fall, before the onset of winter. If there are trees near the house, then gutter repair and cleaning are carried out much more often. Just fallen leaves can clog the gutter, clog the drain-water inlet, rainwater downpipe. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the drainage system in winter for the formation of ice in it. If ice has formed in the drainage system, it must be removed.

Regular maintenance: how do gutter cleaning services clean the gutter?

It doesn’t matter if a plastic gutter system or a metal gutter is installed on your roof. Cleaning should be done with soft brushes. The gutter cleaner should use rough, iron tools that could damage the coating of the parts. Pick up coarse debris such as fallen leaves or dry twigs by hand.

It is important to remember that during the inspection and cleaning of the drain, the funnels of the drains must be closed to prevent debris from entering the pipe. The cleaning itself is carried out in the direction from the drains to the edge of the gutters. Also, Chicago gutter cleaning companies can use wind machines for gutter cleaning. Powerful airflow quickly and effortlessly cleans the downspouts.

Water can be used for cleaning (after the debris has been removed) to rinse out the adhering dirt and rinse the pipes. Do not forget to open the drain funnels that were previously blocked. It is advisable to use a powerful and thin stream of water. There are special “cleaning” nozzles for the hoses, they are convenient for this task.

Only timely and regular maintenance can ensure the smooth operation of the drainage system and protect your home from rain and meltwater. Therefore, do not neglect regular maintenance work, and the gutter will serve you for a long time.

To avoid any problems, take the help of gutter contractors Chicago to maintain the health and longevity of your gutters and through it, your home.