10 Things To Include In Your Move To Tasmania Checklist

Hobart waterfront photographed during a long exposure, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is the 26th most significant island globally, and it’s located in Australia. It’s most known for having the cleanest air globally, the most appealing scenery, and the wealthiest history compared to other states in Australia.

This is why Tasmania is a great place to move to. We’re not saying it’s the best place in the world. Of course, you should take some time to visit and decide if it’s right for you. But if you’re looking for somewhere to relocate to, consider this small and beautiful island state so close to Australia.

Tasmania has so many amazing things. If you’re relocating to Tasmania, you may want to try out their leatherwood honey, fresh fruit and vegetables, farmed salmon, black truffles, and wild abalone and lobster. If you’re one of those dreaming of moving to Tasmania and are ready to take the step now, don’t be afraid to pack your bag and get going!

But is it not strange to be preparing for this great visit without an idea of what you should pack? You don’t have to worry. We’ve helped you with that. In this post, you’ll find ten items you need for your Tassie cruise.

  1. Waterproof Shoes

Whether you plan to take walks in an ancient rainforest or on the top of a snow-capped peak, or you want to visit the urban areas, you’re going to be stepping through some puddles on the way. So, a waterproof shoe will save you the mess of a damp trip.

  1. Weather-Sealed Camera

It’s best if you have a weather-sealed camera because Tassie’s weather is unpredictable, and there may be drizzles from time to time. With a weather-sealed camera, you can take photos even when it’s moist or damp.

  1. Compact Tripod

If you’re planning to move to Tasmania, one of the sights that thrill travelers and leave them in awe is the Aurora Australis—often called the Southern Lights. Though this light is rarely seen with naked eyes, a camera can capture the celestial dance of grace for you. In addition, the best way to get pictures of all the colors is by using a tripod.

  1. Woolen Socks

Though more expensive than regular socks, quality woolen socks are suitable for temperature regulation. Aside from that, they’re natural and sustainable so that you can wear them several times before washing. Not forgetting that they’re odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and can last for several days.

  1. Water-Resistant Phone Pouch

Remember: Tassie has unpredictable weather conditions. If your phone falls off into a puddle of mud in the process of video clipping, that wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. Therefore, it’s best if you buy a water-resistant phone pouch. With one, you can freely navigate your travel or moving apps and even add more drama to your videos by recording clips when it’s drizzling or snowing.

  1. Motion Sickness Medicine

You may not be susceptible to motion sickness, but your body system may react differently in a new environment, especially when you’re on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. Although motion sickness usually goes away once the motion stops, you still want to keep some tablets handy in case of necessity. Another way that helps is to get plenty of air and avoid heavy meals before and after travel.

  1. First Aid Kit

Because of the remoteness of some areas in TAS, it’s recommended that you always carry a first aid kit with you in your day pack. There’s a chance you may never use it, but it’s good to be prepared for uncertainties. Your first-aid travel kit can include bandages, scissors, gauze, tweezers, antibiotics, and antiseptics.

  1. Mosquito Repellant

Some places like Freycinet National Park are high breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Keep your mosquito repellent handy at all times. You can carry mosquito repellant wristbands or get mesh netting. If you want to go minimalist, getting the proper clothing would help and some anti-itch cream.

  1. Backpack

This will be a reasonable consideration if you plan to go hiking. A good backpack should be waterproof and have a lot of compartments for bits and pieces. Also, getting a bag provides you with excellent security. This is because you can have your essentials stored away and still use your hands for other things. While TAS doesn’t pose security threats, it’s also not crime-free.


Tassie is a heartwarming place to visit, and the experience can be unforgettable. However, you don’t want to leave with unpleasant memories. By following a guide and practicing travel essentialism, you minimize the possibility of headaches. You shouldn’t miss an item from waterproof shoes to a water-sealed camera.