How to Design and Select Public Restroom Sensor Faucets That Work


The public restroom at the airport is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give the public new facilities in all passenger terminals and other public areas that are consistent with ADA requirements and more comfortable and cheery. According to a professor of infectious diseases and microbiology at National University, the surfaces of taps and doors are an issue in public restrooms, particularly in connection to viruses found in faeces. “We need additional non-touch public restrooms. Fontana Showers has a vast assortment of commercial touchless faucets.

Your company name has a fantastic selection of bathroom automated sensor faucets. We have a vast collection of automatic motion sensor faucet, including digital display motion sensor faucets, hands-free automatic faucets for bathrooms, contemporary sensor faucets, and infrared automatic faucets, at an inexpensive price.

Touchless faucets are frequently used in commercial and public restrooms to save water and prevent the spread of germs from one person to the next. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now have this feature everywhere.

The faucets you install in public places can help prevent the transmission of germs. When working with raw chicken and red meat in the kitchen, this is most likely advantageous. By not touching the handles to turn on the water to wash your hands, you lower the possibility of your other family members contracting E. coli or salmonella.


When the meal is finished, you will have one less thing to clean. As a result, touchless technology reduces dirt while also saving time. (Note to self: get a touchless faucet for the kids’ bathroom as soon as possible!)

Over the years, fontana showers has installed hundreds of touchless faucets, so we know what to look.

Whether you’re creating a hotel or a hospital, you’ll need a variety of faucets to meet any purpose. Faucets can be used for any purpose and can be positioned in any location.

There are various aspects to consider when choosing the correct faucets in today’s market while planning a construction project. Will they have to bear a lot of wear and tear? Is it necessary for them to adhere to stringent health and safety regulations? Should they have a specific appearance—and can you locate a collection with design and functional flexibility? Do they consider global trends like sustainability and connectivity, for example?

At fontana showers, we’ve combined all of them into a line of cutting-edge faucets that are equal parts smart, safe, and elegant – and can be controlled remotely via a smartphone.

Give your hotel a luxurious look and feel.

When we talk about hotels, the user is the most valuable factor to consider. They want something easy to use and appealing to the eye. For the owner, the emphasis is on longevity and sustainability — in other words, faucets that save water and energy while looking great for years.

We offer a selection of smart touchless faucets in fontana showers that meet all of these characteristics.