Miami on the Bay Makes Your Dining Room to look Minimalist

Miami on the Bay
© Katalin Farnady – Home designer “Katalin Farnady” has just created a great dining room design which looks minimalist. The design name is Miami on the Bay where it could make our dining room extremely to have large space. There are only a few pieces of stuff but it can create the best view while staying there. It also comes by combining kitchen and dining room. There is some sofa to take a rest after lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Beside of that, you can also see the view on the outside of South River.

The best view from this style, you can easy to organize your dish without getting difficult to bring your dish to another room. Taking a view from the view of the design, Katalin creates the style as a letter “T”. On the dining table, there are some apples as decoration. Taking look at the table, it has silver color completed with 5 white chairs.

Design of dining room
© Katalin Farnady

In front of the dining room, there is a cabinetry comes with a brown color which looks bit dark. The oven is quite great to be placed there as it can save some space and make the dining room looks larger. Katalin is really great to design such as minimalist and elegant dining room. Comes with classic color but could make it looks awesome.

Let us see from in front of the dark cabinetry. The color is really matching with the wall. We know the design does not use a lot of decoration but from my view. Putting decoration on the right way would bring the aesthetic view. The best thing of all designs come from the lamp as it looks so unique.

The dark cabinetry in Kitchen
© Katalin Farnady

Katalin Farnady is really great to create such as this awesome design. Matching the color with simple way. This is really great for people who like an elegant and minimalist dining room.