Understanding The Cost of a Hot Water System Installation


If you have just bought a new home, you know that there are loads of things needed to install to make your house livable. An installation that is an actual necessity is the hot water system installation. Hot water is essential, especially during the cold season.

When installing a hot water system, the most essential thing we consider is its cost. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of installing a hot water system is more than just the price of the water. You must consider a few more factors that will help you understand the cost of a hot water system installation. Curious to find out? Here is everything you need to understand the price of a hot water system installation!

The Size & Style Also Play a Part

Of course, for every house type and space, this can be different for everybody. The size can also depend on your water usage. As for the style, this can vary depending on which types of energy is available, whether it’s electric, gas, or solar.

  • For Electric

You should get electric water heaters which utilise electricity to heat water. These come in tanks or tankless varieties. However, tankless varieties typically cost more.

  • For Gas

When gas is available, you can get gas-powered systems in different varieties. It includes tank or tankless varieties. As opposed to electricity, gas-powered systems burn gas to get energy.

  • For Solar

Solar water heaters are more expensive than the others and work best in sunny areas. A backup power source will be needed for areas that rarely get sun.

You Also Have to Worry About Delivery Expenses

Aside from the heater itself, getting the system from the start into your household also has its costs. Sometimes, the company you bought your heater from will deliver.   If they aren’t responsible for delivery then hiring a company to transport the item is your next step, which is another expense. The delivery charge will depend on the size, weight, and distance to be travelled.

The Costs of Installation

Once you’ve received your water heater, the expenses don’t stop there because you will need to install it properly before using it.  For this, you will need the help of a qualified plumber. Depending on the job’s complexity, you may spend around $220 to $2000. It is cheaper when you are just replacing your old heater, but for totally switching it into a different style, you will have to spend more.

Additional Charges for Labour

You can’t expect everything to be perfect in one go. There will also be times when you will need to adjust your budget because of unexpected changes. There is a possibility that your home may not have access to electricity or whatnot. Now, these call for additional labour charges. These may be unexpected, but they are possible.


When it comes to installing hot water systems, you can already expect to spend a lot. It might hurt your pocket from the unit itself, the labour, down to maintenance. With all the expenses that come from it, the only thing left is to make sure that you spend it on the proper water system for you.