Welcome to Roohome where you can find the best design to decorate your house. Are you a home designer that looking for a client? Or looking to get more sales? Here, you can submit your design to us so then we can review your design and let our visitor know if they would like to buy the design. Here you can take a look on how much price for reviewing your design.

$ 30 per Design Set

What will be included? An honest review from us, we also let the visitor know about your business. So, then you always get an honest visitor who will use your services or buy your product.

Terms & Condition

  1. One design set for one submission, you can not combine all your products on a submission. If you are looking for advance, please contact us first. Maybe we have a great deal for you
  2. We do not accept any designs which are not related to home design
  3. We only allow 1 url linking, we are really strict on maintaining our quality
  4. Your designs might be rejected if we think it could be harmful for our website.

If you would like to order it, feel free to contact us at, please use prefix [DESIGN] in the title or we will not reply on it.

[email protected]