Luxury Small Apartment Design Using Soft Color and Awesome Decor Ideas In It

luxury small apartment designluxury small apartment design
© Design Studio Mango – Do you have a small space in your apartment? Then, would you like to try this luxury small apartment design ? If you are confused for designing your place, here we have the best solution to change the design of your luxury small studio apartment design ideas become very attractive with a modern and soft color decor that looks so beautiful. Are you curious? If yes, so let us take a look for the design apartment below which who knows will make you gain new inspiration to decorate it. Do not wait so long, immediately see and follow the how to design it below.

Small Luxury Living Room Design With Awesome Decor

However, you must see from the living room firstly. The designer paints all over the room including other rooms with awesome and soft color decor ideas. The aim of the use of the color to create a warmth and awesome living room. The living room has small space, therefore the designer utilizes the room perfectly. Besides that, the designer put a minimalist sofa to adjust in this room. The designer also uses a wooden accent to arrange the floor of this small luxury living room design. Then. it also combined with luxury ornaments for this luxury small studio apartment design ideas.

luxury white living room
© Design Studio Mango
small living room design
© Design Studio Mango
luxury living room decor
© Design Studio Mango

Small Luxury Dining Room Design Exposed A Brick Wall

Then, you could also design your dining room and kitchen to make this luxury small apartment design more perfect. The designer introduces this kitchen design which combined with luxury decor ideas in it. It also applied a backsplash design from a marble tile design which looks so awesome and trendy. This backsplash function is using to keep clean your kitchen wall. Using soft color is very suitable to apply for this design. You can use wooden cabinets to make your design more complete. For the flooring material, you may use wooden tile design also to cover it. Adjust your small luxury dining room design which exposed with a brick wall in it.

luxury dining room design
© Design Studio Mango
small kitchen design
© Design Studio Mango
small dining room design
© Design Studio Mango

Small Minimalist Bathroom Design With Brick Wall Texture Decor

Move to the bathroom, you can apply a different concept design also in this room. If you want to make it more stylish, you might create an awesome small minimalist bathroom design with a brown color theme which applies on the brick wall. Set the red color as your wall texture design, then a white color applies for the rest part of this design. Adjust a bathroom equipment which has the unique models such as a hanger clothes to make your luxury small studio apartment design ideas. To make it more perfect, add the simple lights to your design.

small bathroom design
© Design Studio Mango
minimalist bathroom
© Design Studio Mango

Do you want to apply this luxury small apartment design? Let’s to go follow and apply the steps to arrange it. Hopefully, those designs will help you a lot while you arranging your small apartment to make it looks so beautiful. Good luck:)