5 Facts You Need To Know Before Applying Scandinavian Design


roohome.com – In making an appearance in a house or apartment look beautiful is to apply one of the interior design into the dwelling. There are so many interior designs that you can find, Scandinavian Design is one example.

The simple and fresh look of Scandinavian makes it favored by many people. In addition, in applying this design is too easy. You do not need complicated rules or anything in doing this.

Unfortunately, before you decide to choose the Scandinavian Design as a design for your dwelling interior, you should know what is Scandinavian first. And here, we have provided 5 Facts You Need To Know Before Applying Scandinavian Design. So, let’s check it out!

1. The Beginning of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian originated from Northern Europe such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In 1950, Scandinavian designs were introduced at American and Canadian exhibitions. Scandinavian itself introduced how Scandinavians design their homes. Scandinavian design is famous for its clean, simple, beautiful appearance and is inspired by the northern climate and nature.

People’s love of Scandinavian design is increasing. Many people apply Scandinavian design not only for their homes but also for their offices.

It’s time to get hygge, which is a Danish lifestyle concept, to make your dwelling a comfortable place with a serene ambience and sunny mood. Use neutral colors, such as white, light grey, tan, beige, and dusty pink. Such earth tones are all about feeling cozy in muted hues. Moreover, you could create more visual space when you paint your walls and ceiling in a white or light grey hue. #gethygge #scandinaviandesign #scandinavian

2. Can Be Used By Anyone

What is meant by Can Be Used By Anyone is that Scandinavian Design has no special requirements. As explained above that this design was created because people were inspired by the climate in the north. Everyone can apply this design regardless of their social status. So, everyone has the right to have a comfortable place to live.

Scandinavian interior design style can be applied to any space in your house and consists of pure daylight, light color shades, and plenty of space. This means, don’t go too crazy with the decoration, let your place do the most of the talking.  #home #decor #idea #interior #decoration #remodel

3. Relating to Nature

This is one of the reasons why Scandinavian design is so popular with so many people. Almost everyone wants to apply some natural nuance to their living space. It aims to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere when they are there.

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The material used in Scandinavian designs is usually wood. The wood used is bright wood. This aims to keep the room fresh and bright. Therefore, people who live in an apartment usually use this design to make the apartment feel fresh and not stuffy. Because a closed room must be made as bright as possible in order to become a comfortable place.

4. Emphasis on Function

All items used in Scandinavian are never useless, certainly have the intended function. An example is the use of floor to ceiling windows aimed at maximizing light entering the room. This is because in Scandinavia the sun will only be there for approximately 7 hours. The next item is the soft couch, rug, thick blanket. This item is used in Scandinavian designs due to warm air when it is cold.

5. Easy to Mix and Match

The colors used in Scandinavian Design are neutral colors. And the white color is the basic color of this design. Therefore, in combining the color, you don’t need to bother. It is certain that the colors in Scandinavian can be mixed and match with any colors. So, for those of you who want to give a touch of eccentric colors, you can apply them so easily and safely.