How Can You Bring Vegas-style Play to The Comfort of Your Home?


All will agree that one cannot possibly enjoy and experience the charm of Las Vegas at a distance. It is no less than a temple overload; consider it a gleaming oasis in the desert. Eat well, party late, indulge in the casinos; the fun never ends. Does it sound too good to be accurate? Yes, you can still sample some of it right from the comfort of your own sofa.

Yes, there cannot be anything more enjoyable than inviting some friends over for a night of poker. Not only will it beat the monotonous grind, but also a rewarding experience as you shape the game according to your vision.

A little bit of planning makes the task easier. Read on, and we will tell you everything you need to plan an ideal poker night to have a Vegas-style play and fun.


Get all the necessary supplies that you can think of, along with a friendly and vibrant playlist to ensure that the atmosphere remains enjoyable. Also, let everyone know about the venue and timings, at least a week in advance, to give the guests sufficient time.

The poker night

It is your call, decide whether you want a serious or social poker night. Keeping in mind that poker is a competitive game of skill, therefore you, as a host, need to maintain a balance.

Table and chips

A lovely table adds to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the evening. While buying the actual tables can be expensive, the folding poker table is a convenient solution for the occasion. The second most important thing on the list is a set of poker chips.

Frame the rules

These rules can be about anything- include player etiquette and the gameplay environment. Decide whether you want the cell phones on the table, or the players are permitted to go to the washroom during the play and other similar situations.


Once you decide the date, venue, and timing, do not change it. However, you may not have everyone present at all times, more the merrier. If you want to arrange it at regular intervals, make sure it’s always one the same day and time, and there are fewer chances for anyone forgetting it. Of course, weekends are the best for such activities.

Food and drinks

Stock up beverages and snacks. And this won’t be a problem at all, just ask everyone to bring some snacks and drinks. Please keep it simple, and that is the best way. It is suggested to keep the snacks at a designated table away from the poker table, and as for the drinks, do not exaggerate.

The end time

It might seem irrelevant, but it is essential to ensure your evening goes as per the plan and succeed. Therefore, set a predetermined end time that will boost everyone’s competitive spirit. It would help if you also decided when you will be raising the blinds. Just get it approved by the players.

You also need to decide when you’ll raise the blinds.