5 Signs You May Need Sprinkler Repair Services


After a cold winter, it’s refreshing when the sun comes out. Warm weather and changing seasons mean that it’s time to start taking care of the yard again. When your sprinklers aren’t functioning properly, it can be extremely frustrating. Nobody wants dry spots or an extra high water bill, so here are some signs to help you identify when you most likely need sprinkler repair services.

  1. Uneven watering
    There are many signs that you may need someone to come and look at your sprinklers. One sign is that you have dry or soaked spots throughout your yard. Your sprinklers should be watering your lawn evenly, so if they are not, chances are you need a repair.
  2. Control Valves Are Dripping
    Another sign that you may need sprinkler repair services is if your control valves are dripping. The job of the control valves is to distribute water evenly throughout your entire yard. If your valves are dripping, this could be caused by dirt or grass clogging up the valves, which can lead to further issues. If the areas around the control regulators are wet, you most likely need a repair. Before calling an expert, check for dirt particles, grass clippings, bubbles, or even mold.
  3. Having High or Low-Pressure
    You probably need repair if your sprinklers have lost a lot of water pressure. In order for sprinklers to get the job done, they need to have a good amount of water pressure. Your grass won’t stay as green when your sprinklers have low water pressure, and it can wear out your sprinkler equipment sooner. If the control valves are dry, it may be an issue with the irrigation pipes.
  4. Sprinkler Heads are Sputtering
    You are going to run into issues with watering your lawn if your sprinkler heads are sputtering water. This can be caused by a number of things including a valve or a pressure problem. The sprinklers could have also developed cracks or have gotten clogged.
  5. Your Water Bill Has Shot Up
    Sprinklers that function properly are going to work more effectively, which produces a lower water bill. If you have started noticing your water bill is starting to go up or spike, chances are your sprinklers need to be looked at. An expert will advise you on how to get your sprinklers working efficiently to lower your water bill.