How to Put a Screen in a Window


You may have noticed that some homes’ windows come with screens. Perhaps you might have a few in your house’s windows and wish to add more. Window screens are not always a staple in every home’s windows, but you can certainly add them!

Yet, how can you add a screen to your window? Here is where you can find out how!

Why Get a Window Screen

There is a reason why window screens are commonplace in some people’s homes. Window screens provide various benefits that help your home in ways you may not have expected.

Here are a few of the benefits right here:

Keeping Bugs Out

One common dilemma during the summer is whether to open windows. Opening your windows might be great to help bring in some cool, fresh air into your home to help you cool off. However, this invites unwanted bugs to come in. The way window screens are designed to keep pesky bugs at bay and don’t allow them to come into your home.

Improves Air Flow

Without worrying about bugs entering, window screens also help to circulate air throughout your house and promote better ventilation. In turn, you’re creating a more healthy home. How so? When you circulate fresh air inside, it helps to clean the air in your home by eliminating any odours or bacteria.

Right Light Control

Like the windows you choose, you can choose window screens based on light control. Typically, window screens are good at blocking out extra rays of sunshine. For instance, if you have been noticing the sun spilling into your living room and creating a bad glare on your TV. Adding a screen to the window causing the glare can help reduce the glare, making it easier to watch TV during the summer. You want to choose a screen whose design best fits your needs.

Provides Some Security

An unexpected benefit of window screens is how they can provide security. You might think it might not be enough if you have seen broken window screens, which can give the impression that they’re flimsy. However, those are usually made with softer materials like fibreglass or aluminum. You can get stronger, more reliable security with window screens made of steel. You can rest assured that window screens made of steel will make them resistant to being cut or someone trying to force themselves inside your home.

A Greener Choice

Are you an environmentally conscious person? Are you also wishing to keep your energy bills from getting higher? Getting a window screen answers both those questions! Window screens shield your home from excess heat, reducing how much you use your air conditioning and fans. You won’t consume as much energy, resulting in a reduced utility bill!

How to Install a Window Screen

Interestingly, there are two methods for putting in a window screen – interior and exterior. Yet, what makes these two approaches different? The difference is that you can find exterior screens from the outside, usually on the home’s first floor. Meanwhile, interior screens are from inside the house. There you can find a lot on the second floor of a home. So, depending on what windows you plan to change, you need to consider those when installing.

Once you know and have the window screen you want, you can begin installing them onto your windows.

Here are the steps to get you there:

  1. Slide your screen into the top of the window frame while grasping the screen’s base.
  2. Grasp the lift tabs and bring the screen upwards to compress the tension springs.
  3. Handle the screen’s base with the lift tabs into the window’s frame. Let go of the upward motion on the lift tabs. Let the screen’s frame drop down gently into the window’s frame.
  4. Check the frame’s position in the window before sliding the frame slightly from side to side. You want to center it in the window’s opening, if necessary. Ensure no large openings for pests to come in.

A good tip is if your screen is equipped with plunger pins rather than lift tabs, you must press the pins into the frame with your fingers as you lift the screen out of the window.

Window screens are rather handy to have in your home. Hopefully, this gave insight into putting them into your home and reaping their benefits!