7 Design Ideas To Spruce Up an Awkward Home Layout


Your home is the most meaningful place for you. It’s where you relax, work, or gather with loved ones for bonding. When guests come over, they first see your living room.

An awkward home layout can be distracting and uncomfortable for some. It can also take time to design.

Working around an odd home layout is made easy, thanks to the available designs to choose from. Keep reading to learn the seven design ideas to spruce up your odd-shaped rooms.

What makes a home layout awkward?

An awkward home layout involves odd-shaped rooms with unusual structures that may have narrow and limiting spaces. It can be challenging to design, even if the area is wide. This layout may also become more awkward depending on furniture placement, lighting, and decorations. That’s why designing it is time-consuming.

How To Decorate an Awkward Home Layout

You don’t have to feel stressed by having an awkward home layout. There are ways to work with it that can guarantee pleasing outcomes. Here are the following design ideas to help you decorate your odd-shaped room.

1. Zoning off areas

Whether the space is small or large, dedicating different areas to specific purposes is ideal. You can create distinct regions in your awkward space by zoning it out. For example, zone one space for the living room, while using the other for dining.

To define these spaces, you may use furniture or other decorative pieces like rugs. Different types of room dividers are also great for dividing them. Apart from functional division, it can also add visual interest.

2. Emphasizing a focal point

Emphasizing a focal point in your odd-shaped room can direct your guests to its aesthetic features. It can also distract them from its unusual shape.

You can do this by painting an accent wall with bold colors or using statement pieces like plants and artwork as decorations. These elements help draw attention to your room’s most pleasing visuals.

3. Opt for a circular theme

What is a perfect theme to use? Try a circular layout. This structure can create a cozy yet intimate atmosphere in your room.

If your room is spacious, you can use a full-circle theme with circular accents and furniture. If it’s the opposite, a minimalist semi-circle design will work, too.

4. Fair and square

Square room layouts are all equal in length, which may be awkward, but it’s an opportunity to try an angled interior design. Making a diagonal furniture arrangement towards one corner helps open up more spaces for other purposes. When using angular furniture, be wary of the corners so it won’t cause any injuries. Minor injuries can be easily treated with distilled witch hazel, but major ones may sometimes need stitching.

You can also position furniture and items based on their shape to create a square-themed layout. For both designs, it’s best to put defining pieces to emphasize different areas.

5. Give way for entryways

In an awkward home layout, entryways matter because of potential limited spaces, especially if the area is small. A good design gives way for entrances by not obstructing them for a smooth flow. You should arrange furniture and decorations without compromising their pathways.

6. Mix and match shapes

Whatever your room’s layout is, try mixing and matching decorations of different shapes. For example, use circular accents in square or rectangle-layout rooms. Using furniture and pieces of opposite shapes from the room can distract from the awkwardness because there’s more visual interest to focus on.

7. Keep it simple

Lastly, if you want to avoid stress, try keeping it simple. Your awkward room layouts may have shapes, parts, or areas that you can take advantage of. Additionally, simplicity lets you value and embrace the uniqueness of your room rather than disregarding it. Sometimes, there’s beauty in the oddity that will challenge your creativity.

Work With an Interior Designer

Designing your home is confusing when you don’t know how to do it, even more so when working around an awkward layout. It can be intimidating, but with the right ways, success is guaranteed. You can try working with a reliable interior designer to lessen the burden of dealing with odd-shaped rooms.