Tips And Tricks To Disguise Smells In Your Home You Wish To Hide


As a homeowner, one thing you will take pride in is that your home is kept in good condition. You want to ensure your house looks and smells as nice as possible, right? You are not alone in that fact.

However, as we all know, our habits can have a major impact on the smells in our homes. For example, your habits – such as being a smoker – can impact the smells in your home. So, too, can what you do for a living: are you bringing certain smells home with you?

If you wish to try to hide or disguise some of these potent smells, here are some tricks and tips to help you do so.

Mask Your Upholstery

One of the best tips we can give you to get rid of smells hanging around your home’s air is to mask your upholstery with subtle scents. You can infuse fabric with scents by using fabric sprays, or, if you have the time and money, work with a furniture design professional to have that scent in the fabric itself.

Something as simple as having your favorite scents worked into your home’s upholstery and fabric can help remove smells that linger around in the air.

Utilize Scented Wallpaper And Paint

Another example of what could be useful for you, though, would be to invest in some scented wallpaper and paint. This works extremely well in many cases and can also eliminate smells that cling to our walls. For example, does anyone in your home smoke cigarettes?

Getting them to move on to something like vaporizer products, as you can find at West Coast Vape Supply, would make a lot of sense, as vapor does not cling to the walls as smoke does; scented wallpaper and smoke can help too soon overpower and neutralize those smoky smells.

Make The Most Of Drawer Liners

One of the best tips we can give you revolves around lining your drawers with a scent. Scented liners are a great way to help overpower smells lingering around your home. These drawer liners help to neutralize the smells of anything within, helping to mask them from busy noses.

For example, if you consume ‘herbal products’ from companies like SuperStrain, then it is only natural that you will want to disguise that smell. A scented drawer liner can help to overpower that smell and stop it from lingering around your home.

Invest In A Herb Garden

Another very useful trick we have up our sleeve for you to try is using a herb garden. Herb gardens are great because they can be a cheap way to help change the fragrance of your home. Herb gardens can easily be created as indoor décor while allowing you to add that fragrance into the air. Look for fragrances you like the most, though you should also look around for tips on the best herb garden products for masking smells.

Try and look for herbs that you can use, too, for a double helping of productivity. Something as simple as herbs that you cannot readily buy in the supermarket can help remove smells from the air or hide them and also give you produce that you can use at home.

Hiding smells in the air is not always easy, but the above four tricks should be a good way to help neutralize smells, whether they come from your workplace, your habits, or your general life!