Elevate Your Rustic Dining Room With Copper Flatware


The rustic interior design style focuses on rugged, natural beauty, and nowhere in your home is the look easier to achieve than the dining room. From hammered copper pendant lighting to a sturdy, solid wood farmhouse dining table, there are numerous opportunities to introduce elements of rustic style. One of the easiest, quickest ways to get the rustic look in your dining room is to set the table with artisan-crafted copper flatware set.

Elements of rustic style

Does the mention of rustic interiors immediately bring to mind the farmhouse look? One of the reasons the rustic style remains popular is that it can be adapted to many décor themes, from a Tuscan vineyard estate to a cozy coastal cottage.

Here are some of the key elements you’ll want to include in any rustic-styled space:

Real wood. Rustic interiors are all about using natural materials. Think top-to-bottom architectural features, like exposed wood beams on the ceiling and wood plank flooring. An iron-framed bed flanked with reclaimed wood side tables sets the stage for a rustic bedroom. In the dining room, a distressed wood dining table with nail head trim accents and turned legs is the quintessential rustic piece.

Texture. Natural materials with different textures add to the character of rustic spaces. A rock fireplace in a living room can be traditionally rustic and a brick wall in the kitchen speaks to rustic simplicity. In a bedroom, cozy bedding in various textures makes a rustic statement, and on the dining table, woven placemats and copper plate chargers layer on the textural charm.

Floral wall art and handmade decor. Vintage or vintage-inspired floral oil paintings on the walls can enhance the charm of a rustic room. Handmade items like rustic copper silverware add character to a dining room.

Copper glows with rustic charm

Copper is the oldest metal and the only metal used by man for thousands of years before gold and silver came along. So, calling it a new trend when it comes to interior design may be a bit of a stretch. Having said that, interior designers are using copper in the home for everything from kitchen range hoods and sinks to lighting fixtures.

When it comes to rustic design elements, copper items have a distinct patina and a warm glow that exudes laidback elegance. The rich color complements a wide range of interior styles and can have an instant impact. Create a centerpiece on your dining room table using a vintage copper pot filled with greens and blossoms to see for yourself the magical effect copper décor has in a space.

Bringing copper flatware to the table

As a decorative element on the dining table, copper flatware brings a warm inviting glow. Combined with natural wood elements and black or white dinnerware, the contrast is instantly appealing.

INOX Artisans handcrafted flatware collections are made from stainless steel. A copper finish on the handle enhances the hand-hammered texture of each piece. To showcase the style and versatility of our copper silverware, we created a single rustic table setting using four different handcrafted copper flatware designs

Ridge Flatware has tapered handles with a center pleat. The copper-finished handles contrast with the smooth polished utensils for a modern rustic look.

Twig Flatware features twig-like handles with distinctive diagonal ends and mirror-polished utensils. The knife has a unique curved handle lending an artistic look to your rustic table setting.

Artisan-crafted Celia rustic flatware showcases faceted handles with distinctive flattened ends. Well-balanced for handheld comfort, this rustic copper silverware is perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

Urban Chiseled Copper Flatware brings a warm glow to the occasion. The slim, square handles with chiseled details fit comfortably in hand and the antique copper finish brings laid-back elegance to your chic rustic table settings.

Final Words

Rustic interiors with handmade items are creative and cozy. At INOX Artisans you’ll find distinctive handmade heirloom-quality rustic copper flatware to lend effortless elegance to your rustic table settings.