24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In


roohome.com – The atmosphere of the outdoors can make you feel calmer. And, what if you bring this atmosphere into your dining room? A refreshing natural atmosphere will make the dining room full of comfort. You can enjoy toast and warm milk in a fresh and soothing natural atmosphere. And, to help you in having this comfortable dining room, here we have provided 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Sliding Door Reveals A Refreshing Green Garden

Natural Dining Room Ideas
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Do not provide a wall as a barrier between the dining room and also the backyard garden. The existence of a green area at home is a plus point and also an advantage for bringing a natural atmosphere into the dining room. So, it would be better to use the door as a barrier. You can choose between glass doors or sliding doors.

When the sliding door is opened, you can immediately see the green and beautiful backyard garden. Besides that, fresh air will also enter the dining room to replace dirty air. In that sense, the use of sliding doors is very good for air circulation. That way, the dining room will feel fresher and more comfortable. And, this is the first of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In you can follow.

2. Simple Bright Dining Room

bright Natural Dining Room Ideas
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A simple room may seem boring and too ordinary. However, a simple room has an advantage. The lack of items or decorations makes the room calmer. Especially if you bring a natural atmosphere into it.

The appearance of the room is made neutral by making white the main color. This color looks brighter with the help of natural light. The loss of window decorations and also the use of glass doors allow natural light to enter the room to the fullest.

Wooden furniture and also a wooden floor emphasize the natural nuances in the dining room. There are also small refreshing plants that are placed on the dining table as room decorations.

3. Show The Color and Texture of The Wood

best Natural Dining Room Ideas
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Show the color and texture of the wood is the next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In. Making white as the main color is the right choice. White will provide a neutral effect for the look so it will be easier to get the wood to show off its color and texture. Natural light coming through the large window also makes the texture of the wooden dining table look clearer.

Make the dominant wood material to give a more assertive natural effect to the room. You can use wooden dining chairs, rattan pendant lights, and wooden plates filled with fruit as decorations for the dining table.

4. Fresh Small Dining Room with Indoor Plants

fresh Natural Dining Room Ideas
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There is nothing more refreshing than green plants. So, if you want to make your dining room feel fresh with natural nuances, relying on plants is the right choice. Besides, you really have to choose wooden furniture to fill the dining room.

Because the room is narrow, then choose the corners of the room for you to fill with indoor plants. You can use a small table to make the medium-sized plants look stand out in the room. Consistent with plants as decorations. You can hang some hanging plants on the ceiling in the room. This method can also help to add value to the beauty of the room. So, you no longer need a display to fill an empty wall.

5. Stylish Natural Dining Room

stylish Natural Dining Room Ideas
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In making the natural dining room, indeed you have to focus more on presenting natural elements. Such as lighting the room with natural lighting, using wooden furniture, decorating the room with plants, and so on. But, it does not mean you leave beauty points here. Making the natural dining room look stylish is a must. A comfy room is a beautiful room.

No need for excessive decoration just to make the dining room look stylish. In the dining area, you can roll out a rug in neutral colors with simple motifs. And, right above the dining table, hang a black pendant light with an attractive and minimalist design. With black, the pendant light will be seen more clearly.

6. Large Plant for The Corner of The Room

large plants
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In making the dining room feel comfortable, you also need to pay attention to the beauty of the room. Pay close attention to every side of the room. Start from the corner of the room. If there is still an empty corner of the room, then take advantage of this area to emphasize freshness and natural nuances in the room. You can decorate the corner of the room with large plants. Use a gray ceramic pot to keep the look neutral.

The corner of the room that gets sunlight is the most appropriate spot to place plants. As we know, plants are also living things that need sunlight for them to grow.

7. Natural Stone for The Wall

natural stone wall
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There are many natural materials that you can choose to bring natural nuances into the dining room. So, it does not always have to be wood. You can also choose natural stone. You can utilize this material to give texture to one side of the wall in the dining room. This is the next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In you can follow.

The natural stone wall makes the room look very natural. And, adding some small wall lamps is the right idea. Yellow lighting can bring serenity to a room. Besides that, the light on the wall also makes the texture and color of the natural stone look clearer and more beautiful.

8. Modern Natural Dining Room Design

modern Natural Dining Room Ideas
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White as the main color gives a natural bright effect to the room. Coupled with maximum natural lighting that comes from large windows and glass doors. This room with a neutral look looks so beautiful with modern minimalist design furniture. The simple concept brings serenity which makes the dining room feel very comfortable. A simple dining table made of wood has the same tone as the floor of the room so that it gives a harmonious effect to the look. There is also a touch of black which gives a cooler, firmer, yet calmer impression.

9. Small Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Design

modern farmhouse Natural Dining Room Ideas
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Making white your main color and lighting a room with sunlight is a great way to make a room look naturally bright. Not dazzling but can have a calming effect. By adding other natural elements to the room, you can feel the natural atmosphere in the room.

The round dining table with natural wood color and texture takes us a bit to the past. However, the display looks more modern with dining chairs that have smooth and sleek surfaces. There is a white round rug which indicates that this is where the dining area is located. Besides that, the use of rugs is also very helpful in making a small dining room feel wider.

10. The Shaded Look Brings Serenity to The Room

serenity room
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If you want to make your dining room look natural but not look too bright, then try to avoid choosing white as the base color. You can replace white with other neutral colors such as beige or light gray. No need to fear the room will look dark. With several large windows installed in the dining room, the room will remain bright. Avoid decorating the window area with curtains so that natural light can enter the dining room optimally. And, it becomes the next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In you can choose from.

11. Natural Dining Room in Dark Nuances

dark Natural Dining Room Ideas
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In creating a dining room with natural nuances, you do not always have to make a bright appearance with white as the main color. For those of you who prefer interiors with a dark and cool look, you can try this one idea.

You can choose maroon and combine it with black. Maroon-painted walls will be attractive when filled with black furniture. Furniture with a minimalist design brings a more modern look. Moreover, the wooden dining table is polished so that it looks smoother and more beautiful.

12. White Sheer Curtain for Windows

sheer white curtain
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The use of large windows is very good for illuminating the room with natural lighting. The bigger the window used, the more natural light that enters the room. However, this can reduce the comfort of the room. Too much natural light can dazzle the eyes. Therefore, you need to reduce the incoming light by using a white sheer curtain.

Hang the white sheer curtain from the ceiling to the floor. This will give the effect of a higher wall so that the dining room will feel wider.

13. Japandi Dining Room Design

japandi dining room design
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Japandi is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese designs. These two designs are very thick with their natural appearance. Scandinavian design plays more on neutral colors. Meanwhile, Japanese designs play more on natural materials. So, applying Japandi design to the dining room will make the atmosphere feel so natural, fresh, and full of serenity.

A round dining table made of wood is the centerpiece of the dining room. The simple design looks so sweet in the minimalist room. The simple dining table looks beautiful with four chairs with a minimalist design. Wood material with gray color is the right combination. The Japandi dining room looks even more perfect with a charming black round vase in the middle of the dining table.

14. A Bit of a Firm Impression with A Touch of Black

touch of black
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The natural dining room looks bright with white as the main color and also natural light that enters through the gaps in the sheer curtains. With several plants on the side of the dining room, it brings a refreshingly natural atmosphere. You can also feel the warmth and serenity of the wood material in the room. The use of wooden floors and furniture makes wood material predominate in the room. The appearance of the room is also more assertive but calm with a touch of black. The black color is applied to the area below and above the dining area, such as the rug and pendant light.

15. Reveal The Rough Surface of The Wood

rough wood
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With white as the main color, you can make colors and textures look clearer in the dining room. Make the dominant wood material. You can use wooden furniture and also install a wooden floor. Choose light wood to make the appearance of the dining room look bright.

Make nature feel present clearly by letting the wood reveal its true side. Keep the surface of the wood rough. And also, let the wood color remain pale by not applying wooden polish.

16. Luxury Natural Dining Room Design

luxury Natural Dining Room Ideas
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You can also make the luxury dining room comfortable with thick natural nuances. Large windows without frames make the green area outside the house look so clear. You can look at the greenery and feel the natural atmosphere while enjoying delicious dishes at the dining table.

On the side of the wall where the fireplace is, you can install real marble to give it a beautiful and natural abstract motif. The presence of marble is also very effective in giving an expensive impression to the dining room. Here, you only need to play with neutral colors so that natural nuances still dominate in the room.

17. Bright and Fresh Natural Dining Room

bright Natural Dining Room Ideas
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The white color is made dominant by applying it to the entire room. Starting from the walls, ceiling, floor, to the window frame. The room looks brighter with natural light as the main lighting. The use of wooden furniture makes a natural atmosphere present well in the room. Wood and rattan materials give a warm and calm effect which makes the dining room feel so comfortable. Several green plants of various sizes also bring a natural atmosphere to the dining room. Not only that, green plants also bring freshness which adds to the comfort of the room. And, this is the next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In.

18. Large Natural Rattan Pendant Lighting

rattan pendant lighting
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In this one idea, a dining area is created in the kitchen. So, the empty area in the kitchen is used as a dining area. The round dining table is perfect for filling empty spots in the kitchen. This one table is more practical and saves more space so that the kitchen will not feel cramped.

With a glass door, natural light enters to the maximum and makes the dining area look bright. You can also enjoy the outdoor atmosphere from the glass door. But, if you want to present the outdoors more at the dining table, you can choose a round rattan pendant light. Choose a large size so that it looks stand out in the room. The rattan pendant light is also a decoration that can add value to the beauty and aesthetics of the room.

19. Round Rattan Rug as A Barrier

round rattan rug
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The next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In is a round rattan rug as a barrier. This one idea is suitable for an open-plan concept. There are no walls as a barrier between one room and another, making you have to think about how to visually separate the rooms. And, you can use a round rug for a round dining area. Choose the size of the rug according to the area of your dining area.

So that natural nuances can present properly in the dining room, you can choose a rattan rug. Rattan is a natural material. The light brown color of the rattan not only makes the room look bright but also gives warmth and serenity which can make the dining area feel comfortable.

20. Small Natural Dining Room in White Nuances

white small dining room
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Choosing white as the main color is one way to make a room look bright but not excessive. Besides that, making white as the main color for the dining room will make the appearance neutral. So that the colors and textures in the room will be seen more clearly. And of course, this will greatly facilitate you in creating a natural atmosphere in the dining room.

You can choose a wooden dining table and chairs for the dining room. Also, present other brown colors by using natural materials such as rattan. Here, you can decorate a white dining room with rattan pendant lights and rattan pots for the plants. Finally, make the natural atmosphere thicker by decorating the room with some fresh green plants.

21. Replace Chairs with Dining Benches

dining benches
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If you want to make the small dining room feel wider and can be used by many people, you can replace the chairs with benches. In the area adjacent to the wall, you can make benches. Throw in some throw pillows for decoration and also make the benches feel comfortable.

In creating a natural atmosphere in the dining room, make sure you choose wood materials to make dining benches. Choose the same wood tone as the dining table and floor so that the dining room looks harmonious. This method also reduces the number of colors so it is suitable for those of you who want to create a simple and minimalist dining room.

22. Bali Interior Design

bali interior design
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Balinese design is indeed very thick with natural nuances. Many natural elements are at play here. Starting from natural lighting as the main lighting, furniture made of wood, and natural stone for the wall. Not only that, plants are also a decoration to make the room look beautiful and charming. So, applying Balinese design to your dining room is the right idea. It becomes the next of 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In you can choose from.

Between indoors and outdoors are only separated by glass which is used as a wall. There is no door as a barrier so that fresh air enters the room freely. Besides that, the beautiful blue clouds and green plants make the outdoors feel thicker.

23. Feel The Outdoors with Skylight Windows

skylight window
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This one idea is actually a sunroom. But, making a sunroom as a dining room is an interesting idea that you can try. Skylight windows will display very beautiful bright clouds. This area also gets maximum natural lighting. Here, you can make the dining room a place to eat and also relax. Instead of using chairs, you can make a bench there. Use a soft seat cushion on it so that relaxing on the bench will feel more comfortable. You can also add two or three throw pillows in there.

24. Modern Minimalist Dining Room

modern minimalist Natural Dining Room Ideas
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Last but not least of the 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In is a modern minimalist dining room. The walls are left blank without any decorations creating a room with a clean and simple look. Even so, the room still looks attractive. Even though the walls and ceiling are painted white, we can still see the texture and lines of the wood. This is what makes the room look attractive even without any displays hanging on the wall. Natural lighting, wooden furniture, and also plants on the clear vase are the main things that bring a natural atmosphere into the dining room and make it feel comfortable.

Final Words

One way to make a dining room feel comfortable is to bring in a natural atmosphere there. You can feel the freshness and serenity of the natural atmosphere which can make you more relaxed. And, the points above are 24 Natural Dining Room Ideas That Invites The Outdoors In. Choose one of the points above that suits your characteristics. Also, pay attention to the layout and area of your dining room. So, good luck!