Contemporary Living Room Decorating Combined Rustic Interior Design Brings Modern Appearance

Contemporary living room decorating
© Espaces Atypiques – If you are looking for a new design of modern living room decorating 2016, this contemporary living room decor ideas are suitable for you. This is because the designer designs the living room perfectly. Besides that, the designer knows how to utilize a modern rustic interior design to embody a modern appearance as well. You can take a look how to arrange the interior even though you have a modest living room. Are you ready to see the design? Well, here you go!

Contemporary Living Room Decorating Beautified Modern Rustic Interior Design by Espaces Atypiques

Espaces Atypiques is a brilliant interior designer who has been successfully creating a contemporary living room decor ideas. The designer uses Rustic as the main concept for this single apartment. First of all, the designer chooses the best main basic color in order to match it with the concept. Therefore, the designer chooses a light gray and white. If you are looking around the living room, there is a stone wall texture which is chosen by the designer as the extra decoration. Espaces Atypiques has been successfully applying a modern rustic in this living room. The designer also utilizes wooden accents as the material to this living room. Overall, the living room looks stylish and fashionable.

Modern living room design
© Espaces Atypiques

Contemporary Living Room Design Decorated Modern Interior Brings Coziness

After looking the main basic color of this living room previously, the designer wants to show you the modern interior that chosen to beautify the area.  This is a small living room decorating which is totally filled with a modern rustic interior. The interior itself can be seen from the furniture that used by the designer. For examples, a gray and white couches along with two furry blankets as the addition. You can add a unique rug pattern before placing a wood coffee table. Interestingly, the designer places a classic yellow armchair around the couches. Placing a big TV cabinet will not ruin the appearance. If you enter the apartment, the thing you will see first is a modern living room appearance. Espaces Atypiques gives you suggestion by putting some pictures on the wall. It can make your living room more gorgeous and stylish.

Small living room design
© Espaces Atypiques
Modern living room decorating 2016
© Espaces Atypiques

Contemporary Living Room Design With  A Perfect Arrangement

Do not worry to place a dining table across the living room. you can try this design below. The designer utilizes this modest space by placing dining room. The designer chooses a perfect material as perfect as the design itself. Therefore, there is a classic wood dining table along with classic dining chairs carving. Although the designer places the dining table near the living room, it does not ruin the living room appearance at all. You do not need a spacious space for dining table. Just utilizing an extra area in the living room, your dining table can be placed. Do not forget, if you have a window near the dining table, you can use it well to make your living room brighter as well.

Modern living room design 2016
© Espaces Atypiques
Modern living room decorating
© Espaces Atypiques

Applying this contemporary living room decorating in your apartment or home design is a good choice for you. Try this design as soon as possible. if you want to see other designs, just visit and check here. Have a nice day!